A delicious cookbook that needs to be on your shelf!

Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Matrix (Pam Krauss Books, 2015) is quite
possibly the most visually appealing cookbook I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. This cookbook is perfect for a small family as most of the recipes serve four. Another component that I love is Bittman really helps you to get outside of your cooking comfort level. I know that when I cook I often do the same preparation over and over. However, this book helps you to refine your tastes by offering Asparagus 12 ways, celery 16 ways usually with a few different options for preparation cooking method: raw, grilled, sautéed, braised, baked, fried and microwaved.
Generally this cookbook feels like it was written for my family, when I first opened this cookbook with post-it tabs in hand, I quickly realized that on almost every single page something looked delicious or had a preparation I had never tried before. For example some of the recipes that I thought sounded not only delicious but doable with having two small kids running around during dinner time: asparagus with chicken and shiitakes, artichokes with crab, zucchini on crostini with ricotta and mint, bulgogi and all the accouterments that go with it, to the 10 ways to make spice blends to flavor your proteins. Yum!

This book is truly one of my favorite cookbooks, perfect for your favorite foodie as well as someone who is just learning their way around the kitchen.

Bloggers note: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review; however opinions expressed are my own.


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