Sometimes life calls for… a little hiatus

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while or know me personally, then you know my oldest daughter has epilepsy.  In an effort to be realistic, I want to share that I will be taking a break from blogging for a while.  I do hope to start blogging in a few months, as there are too many wonderful books that I wanted to share with you.

However, right now family is my main focus.  My six year old will be having epilepsy brain surgery next month; there are really no words that can explain how we feel about this or what this means for my family.  I had originally thought I would be able to blog in advance and get it all done, but friends, I barely can make a trip to the grocery without loosing my mind or my list.


If you would like to know more about my sweet, compassionate, lovely, brilliantly smart and brave daughter here is a link to a Facebook page: Zoe’s Epilepsy Story.  We’ve started this community to raise awareness about epilepsy as well as to give updates on her treatment and how she is doing.  Please come on over and like the page, we would love to have you.

I hope to be back to blogging in a few months, until then happy reading dear friends.



Boxes and Boxes of Books

You never truly know how many books you have until you have to move them.

I had been double stacking my bookcases for years, like a whole hidden shelf of books behind the ones showing.  Yep, that is what I’m talking about here.  So when I started packing to move to our new home, it became quite clear that I have a generous collection of books.  Books I am completely unwilling to part with, some books I may never read again, some books I read every few years and fall in love all over again, a few books that were really challenging and are a testaments of my literary prowess and some of my favorites: books that were given to me by the people I love.

Our new home is amazing, filled with all the things we had been dreaming about.  One of the most wonderful things about our new home is that there is a little room off of our kitchen with a fireplace that has become our library!  Yes, our library, my books now can have a proper home and all those libraries I have been saving on Pinterest will come into play.

Happy reading!