Why hello, gorgeous!

Wow, it has been an exceptionally long amount of time that I have been away.  It seems like just yesterday I was blogging my heart out, racking up library fines and spending full days with my petites.  This past year brought about many new transitions for my petite family.

In late August, we decided it was an appropriate time to head back to the classroom full time.  For those of you who know me, personally, you know I had never intended to be a stay at home mama.  My goal was to be home with the petite for a while, standard maternity leave and then return to teaching sometime in the fall of 2013.  However, things changed quite rapidly when our eldest was diagnosed with epilepsy fortunately we were able to make it work so I could stay home with our little ladies and provide the care that they needed during this time.  Zoe eventually went on to have surgery two years into her epilepsy journey and has been seizure free for two and a half years, now.

Fast forward to 2017.  In August, I started looking at teaching jobs and what was available and happened to find a job teaching English Language Arts to 7th graders in a nearby district.  We found an amazing montessori school for our now preschooler, Vivi.  It all was working out perfectly, of course, with all of the stress, havoc, chaos, laundry piled up, dishes in the sink and unclean bathrooms.

Ugh, so here we are in 2018, with me getting ready to start at a new school, Zoe starting 3rd grade and Vivi getting ready to enter Kindergarten.  I am so excited to start to think about sharing books again, to have more time where I can engage and get back to that sweet little blog of mine and see what’s new in the bookish world.

If you’re still out there…stay tuned, I have some books lined up that are pretty amazing and I promise to do a lot more sharing.





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