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Well hello there, and welcome to The Petite Stag.  I’m so glad you stopped by.  A little bit about me, I have been so incredibly blessed to be married to my best friend for ten years.  We have two petite girls – 7 years-old and three years old.  This is my third year as a stay at home mom, up until then I worked as a teacher, I have taught kindergarten to college level students.  I love teaching and am passionate about students and their learning.  This is an amazing new chapter and opportunity for me to stay home with our girlies.  It’s wonderful and something I never really imagined would be possible, but now that I’m doing it I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Why a blog about books?  Well, books are amazing!  I have more books than I have space on my bookshelves and have piles of books all over my house, I have a serious problem walking into bookshops and not buying something.  One of the first things we got for our petites nursery was a bookcase and it was filled before she arrived.  I also take great pleasure in the fact that when both my girls open a new book they smell it.

My husband and I love to travel, we don’t get to travel as much as we would like to, but I think that dreaming about your future travels makes them all the more special when you get to actually go.

This blog is all about my petites and anything and everything related to books and literacy.  I hope you enjoyed your time at The Petite Stag.




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  1. Erin, what a sweet blog. Love the insights on why you like certain books and the tips for the parents on why certain aspects of books are important life lessons for all of us at any age. I will forward your blog on to my grown petites, so they can share with my grand petites. Hugs and best wishes.

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