Review Policy & Disclosure

Review Policy:

The Petite Stag reviews children’s board books, picture books and chapter books.  We are also known to review cookbooks.  If you would like your books to be reviewed please contact me at

If you are interested in sending a review copy (hard copy only, at this time) please send me a message with details with the following information: title, author, illustrator, publisher, release date.  Please understand that I may not be able to review all of the books sent, but will do my best.  Once a book is reviewed, you will be notified about the post.

The majority of the books that we share with you, our lovely readers come from our local public libraries as well as books that we have purchased for our petites.  Regardless of where the books come from, all thoughts and opinions about the books are my own.


We value you as readers and subscribers, I promise that we will honor your privacy and not sell your information to any third parties.

At The Petite Stag we use affiliate links from the Amazon Affiliate Program, this offers bloggers, like myself,  a small compensation when items are then purchased through the link.

Occasionally, I am given books by Blogging for Books, they are usually cookbooks, in exchange for an honest review.  You will find a disclosure at the end of each post stating where the book came from – however, all thoughts and opinions shared on The Petite Stag are our own.


If you have any questions about this, please contact me at