Gift Giving: Picture Book Edition

Petite Picture Books


I’ve spent a great deal of time creating a list of our favorite books and illustrators over the last few months.  For your holiday gift giving guide, here are our top 12 books, 12 because I couldn’t bring myself to cut the list down to 10.

No Pirates Allowed! Said Library Lou – the petites love this book because library Lou helps the pirate to realize that books are the treasure and adventure, we couldn’t agree more.

Oliver’s Tree – a sweet book about three friends who problem solve so that everyone can be included.  Not to mention, the cutest illustrations ever!

Me…Jane – stunning book about a remarkable lady who continues to inspire an entire generation of animal lovers and future conservationists.

Bats at the Library – a fun story about bats who sneak into the local library when the window is left ajar, they explore books and all the joys the library has to offer.

Flora and the Penguin – this delightful book is gorgeous and will bring a smile to any petites face and those lucky enough to share this book with them.

Tea Rex – a sweet book about a tea rex who loves a tea party.  It is super silly and the petites will love it, especially if they love to have tea parties too.

Rosie Revere Engineer – one of our all time favorite books, this book should be in the hands of all young petites.  A young girl wants to be an engineer and learns an important lesson, every flop moves you closer to getting to your goal.

Little Red Hot – another family favorite, a play on Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red Hot will have your petites rooting for Little Red Hot and cheering in the end.

Dream Animals: A Bedtime Journey & Day Dreamers: A Journey of Imagination – these two books have some of the most gorgeous illustrations I’ve seen.  They are absolutely magical.

Alice Waters and the Trip to Delicious – perfect for the petite who is interested in food and cooking.  The petites loved this book with it’s bright illustrations and

Julia, Child – another lovely book that is all about the love of food and cooking.

All of these books have been Petite Stag favorites over the past year.  They are fabulous options for gifts for the petites in your life.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays.


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Library Love – Part One

Library Love Part One

Here in the Pacific Northwest it’s the time of year where the weather gets a little drizzly and we find ourselves seeking out indoor entertainment on those really rainy days.  That is where our deep love and appreciation of the library comes in.  Here are some of our favorite books about libraries.

The Boy Who Was Raised by Librairians The Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians –  Carla Morris has created such a sweet story about a little boy named Melvin, who visits his library frequently and his three librarians help him learn all there is to know about all of his changing interests.  This story places a true emphasis on what a fantastic librarian, or in Melvins’ case a team of fantastic librarians, can do to support a young mind.  They show him books, websites, and a general interest in everything that Melvin wants to know about.  Such a great story, the ending is fabulous, you going to have to check it to see what happens to Melvin.

Check out this link to a YouTube video.

<a href=A Library Book for Bear (Bear and Mouse) – This is an incredibly cute book, by Bonny Becker, about a bear who is convinced that he already has enough books at home, he is convinced by his pal Mouse to go to the library and although he is one picky bear when it comes to his literature choices, he has a most enjoyable time.

If you want to know more about Bear, he is a very interesting character, read his most recent interview with a certain Mr. Pig from The Little Crooked Cottage.  Mr. Pig ask some very thought-provoking questions you might have been wondering about yourself.

No Pirtates Allowed Said Library LouNo Pirates Allowed Said Library Lou – Argh Matey, Rhonda Gowler Greene, has written this fantastic story about a strong-willed librarian named Lou, who can handle anything that comes her way.  This is a silly story about a pirate and his parrot too, they come to the Seebreezy Library looking for buried treasure.  Pirate Pete is not prepared for the adventure he encounters when he meets Lou the Librarian.  If your petite loves books and pirates you are in luck this book is a fantastic story.  This would be a great read for a little one who needs reminding about library behavior and manners.

Activity: It might be a fun time to make a treasure map for your little one with clues about finding a certain book, maybe even this book.
Bats at the LibraryBats at the Library (A Bat Book) – I’ve written about this lovely book before, Brian Lies has written this amazing story about a colony of bats that has quite the fabulous evening at the library.  What my girls love about this book is that the bats just can’t wait to get into the library and enjoy their time reading books and exploring.  This book is so much fun, we have had some great conversations about what the bats might look forward to the most, and what would happen if the library was open every night.  My favorite is when we talk about what book we would jump into like the bats.  The illustrations make this book so special, Brian Lies is a new favorite author in our house.

Activity: Brian Lies has this awesome bat story activity: this is an incredibly cute activity where your petite to color a bat and talk about their favorite book, or make a whole garland of bats with their favorite books.


Stay tuned for the next installment of Library Love!

Library Love Part Two