Padmini is Powerful

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Padmini is Powerful by Amy Maranville and art by Tim Palin (Bharat Babies, 2015) is a board book that gives an introduction into Hindu gods.  This book is absolutely darling in every way, not to mention educational and a wonderful conversation starter.  Padmini is a little girl who you will fall in love with immediately; from her smart red glasses to her little expressions.

This book is a perfect primer for Hindu gods, the bright cheery illustrations by Tim Palin keep the smallest of petites interested in the bright colors.

Padmini is Powerful

My daughter was so excited to see this book, this was her first introduction into Hindu gods and she asked such amazing questions about the gods and what they were like and what they did.


It was incredible to me that a three-year old would interact with a board book in this way.  We talked about the words that are showcased: powerful, wise, creative, energy, generous & kind, focus, creates and protects.


At this point in our book talk my almost seven-year old sat down and they started talking about how they are powerful and wise and creative.  I adore that this book created such thoughtful conversations between the girls.


Another component to this book that made both girls squeal is the mirror in the back of the book, they both thought it was so much fun to see their faces.

This book is so important for so many reasons, getting board books into the hands of petites as their first introduction to reading and books is so critical to raising readers.  I love that this book promotes a strong female character in Padmini and teaches about the Hindu gods.  I have seen picture books that have a focus on Hinduism, but I have never seen a board book before in this category and I am thrilled to be able to share this amazing book with you.

A huge thank you to Bharat Babies for the images.  Also, when you go to their website and sign-up you will get $5 off of your first purchase!

Blogger note: I was given this book by Bharat Babies in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions and thoughts about Padmini is Powerful are my own.

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