When in Seattle, look for the Wheedle.

Good Night WheedleGood Night Wheedle by Stephen Cosgrove and illustrated by Robin James (Sasquatch, 2016) which is going to be released tomorrow in board book form is an absolute Seattle treasure.

When you think of Seattle, you probably think of the iconic Space Needle that has graced the Seattle skyline since 1962, but you may not know the true story of the light that boldly blinks at the top.  Let me start by sharing with you one of the most cherished stories for PNW petites.  Wheedle on the Needle, this lovely story was first published in 1974 and since then has gone through some changes, but most recently has reverted back to the message that so impacted Seattleites for years.

Wheedle Image

Image Courtesy of Sasquatch Books

What you will find, in Good Night Wheedle, is that our beloved Wheedle is tired one day.  He plays too hard with the clouds on his mountain top and then he forgets his midday snack…yikes (we can all relate to what happens next).


Image Courtesy of Sasquatch Books

Our dear Wheedle, not wanting to miss out, becomes a tiresome mess.  He packs his bag and heads into town looking for a quiet place to sleep.  What do you know the perfect place to sleep is high above the clouds snuggled up on top of the Space Needle; where alas he can find the perfect place for slumber.  At night, you can still see his nose blinking away as he sleeps soundly.

Sleeping Wheedle

Image Courtesy of Sasquatch Books

This rhyming tale is quite perfect and would be a lovely book for any Seattle babe to get acquainted with the true story of the light at the top of the needle.

Bloggers note: this book was given to me Sasquatch Books in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions shared are my own. Thank you to Sasquatch for use of the images in this post.

Three Bears of the PNW

I must confess I have not always been a Pacific Northwest girl, I was born and raised in the Bay Area of California and am just now at the point where I have lived here in the PNW for the same amount I lived in California.  I consider the PNW my home, I love the rainy weather, the smell in the fall when the marine layer washes all of the Seattle area in a fantastic fog.  So when I had the opportunity to read Three Bears of the Pacific Northwest by Richard Vaughan & Marcia Crews with art by Jeremiah Trammell (Sasquatch Books, 2016), well I couldnt pass up the opportunity.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 4.25.26 PM

This board book is an adventure that happens as an airstream rolls down the road and a tiny blue teddy bear bumps out.  The bear is quickly found by a large black bear, who sympathizes with blue bear and offers to help him find his way home.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 4.25.40 PM

The two bears go on an amazing adventure through an alpine meadow, where they munch on delicious berries.  Over a stream where they meet up with brown bear who offers to help.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 4.24.37 PM

The three friends set out to find the shiny silver box that blue bear calls home, they encounter many other pacific northwest animals, from seals, gray whale and a bald eagle.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 4.24.10 PM

Bald eagle proves to be most helpful in finding blue bears family, of course, he takes blue bear to the sky.  Once the campsite has been located, the three bears all venture into the camp ground until they find the shiny silver box that blue bear calls home where he is reunited with his boy!

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 4.23.58 PM

This is a darling story that follows blue bear through his journey back to his boy.  My petites loved that blue bear, although being a stuffy, ate berries and waved at the bears as they ventured back into the woods.  This is the perfect tale of three bears (minus Goldilocks) having an adventure through the Cascade mountains and the Salish Sea.  You will absolutely love reading this book with your petites, we love the oil-painted illustrations and how they almost beg you to get out of your house and out into the woods on your own adventure.

This book is printed in hardcover, as well as paperback.  On August 9th you will be able to purchase this book in a board book for the tiniest of adventurers.  Happy Reading!

Bloggers note, this book was given to me by Sasquatch Books in exchange for an honest review, the thoughts and opinions about this book are my own.  Thank you to Sasquatch for use of the images in this post.


All About Baby Giveaway

It really is better to give than to receive.  For this giveaway I am partnering with Grace Mabel Baby  to create the perfect bundle for your petite.

photo 3

What you could win:

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Where is Baby’s Belly Button?

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Halloween Books for the Petites


Halloween Books

It is that time of year, when there is a chill in the air, when cardigans become your fashion staple and an afternoon is made all the better with a pumpkin spice latte.  When October rolls around it marks the start of the holiday season.  For years, I have been collecting books for the petites for the holidays.  Some holidays I have just a few books, others I have quite a few.  Halloween is one of those holidays.  Yesterday, marking the first of October, I pulled out the holiday book box and was rather surprised to see just how many books we’ve collected over the past five years.  I am so excited to share with you some of our absolute favorite books for Halloween.

Happy Halloween, Biscuit!, by  Alyssa Satin Capucilli, is a favorite of my petites.  This cute little book has flaps that fold out to find a hidden Biscuit; our lovable curious little pup is certainly a favorite of the petites.  It has thicker pages making it easier for smaller hands to turn the pages and explore the flaps in search of Biscuit.

Lady Bug Girl and the Dress Up Dilemma, by Jacky Davis and David Soman is another fabulous book about Ladybug Girl.  This book highlights the dilemma of what to be for Halloween.  Last year this was such a success that my daughter decided to be Ladybug girl – after all she really is the best.  I will say this is a little bit different from the other Ladybug girl book formats, there is not as much plot as Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy, or Ladybug Girl at the Beach.  However, if you love Lulu, like we do, then you will love this title too.

Sweet and Spooky Halloween, this Disney Princess Halloween book, with its glittery cover and princess laden pages will be a hit with any princess loving petite.  This book features: Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Snow White.  All about what each princess does to help contribute to the Halloween festivities.

Olivia and the Haunted Hotel, in story, Olivia and her friends use their imagination to play hotel during a sleepover, they use the thunder and lightning storm as the perfect backdrop for their Haunted Hotel.  Olivia’s brother is quite sneaky and adds some spooky fun to their game.

Mouse’s First Halloween – You might be familiar with Lauren Thompson’s series of books Mouse’s First.  This little mouse is very nervous about all of the shadows that he is seeing until he uncovers what they really are and then he isn’t so scared after all.   (the one we have is a hard cover, this link is for the board book)

Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin Pie, this is part of the Picture the Season books, by Jill Esbaum.  This non-fiction book is about all things pumpkin.  It would be a great book to use if you plan to plant a pumpkin seed and see what grows, or if your petites are curious about where pumpkins come from and how they grow.

Inside a House that is Haunted, by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, is a level 2 reader.  Perfect for 1st or 2nd grade readers.  It is a really fun story, that has repeating patterns (similar to an old lady who swallowed a fly) in the wording and great context clues in the illustrations for your young reader to pick out the new words.  It is really fun read along book.

Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Halloween, leave it to Melanie Watt to create another hysterical Scaredy Squirrel for our reading pleasure.  This time he needs to come up with some very serious safety rules to be prepared for Halloween.  I love all of her books, and encourage you to check them out if you haven’t yet.  You will be in hysterics reading the story to your petites.

The Witch Who Was Afraid of Witches, written by Alice Low with illustrations by Jane Manning, is a favorite in our house.  This book has some of the cutest illustrations of a little witch, Wendy.  She has two older sisters who aren’t very kind named Polly and Wog.  It is broken into five chapters, perfect for 2nd to 3rd grade readers.  This book is so sweet, the two older sister end up needed the help of their little sister to save the day.  I am already getting excited to read this one tonight.  This continues to be one of out family favorites!

Dem Bones, by Bob Barner, this book is so silly, I didn’t know if my daughter would like it, but she loves it.  It was read more times than I could count the last two Halloweens.  When she saw it yesterday she started singing the song.  Basically it is an illustrated version of the classic song.  The really fun part about this book, is that is has these little captions that give you information about the bone featured in that verse of the song.  As a three and four-year old she wasn’t really interested in the anatomy lesson provided, but we will see this year.  A great book that offers more than just song lyrics.

petite-stag-favoriteRoom on the Broom, by Julia Donaldson and illustrations by Axel Scheffler is one of my absolute favorite Halloween books.  I love the rhyming and the illustrations.  This book is so much fun to read and enjoy with your petites.  It’s quite the magical broom that takes lots of friends for an exciting ride with an unexpected ending. This is a perfect book to add to your Halloween collection.

Creepy Carrots!, by Aaron Reynolds, let me first start by saying, this book is dark, I would suggest this for older kids.  It could be frightening for some of our younger petites.  Okay, you’ve been warned.  This Caldecott Honor-winning picture book is really funny, Jasper has been ripping carrots from the ground, until he notices that they are following him; they are everywhere.  I personally loved how the story was black and white except for the carrots.  I could see this being a fun read for a 2nd or 3rd grade cause and effect lesson.

Bones: Skeletons and How They Work, by Steven Jenkin, is a great non-fiction book, not necessarily for Halloween, but I wanted to add it in because I love this book and you can make the connection to Dem Bones.  My petite was interested in skeletons and bones and I thought why not let her explore this Caldecott Honor Award Winner.  This book shows a comparative view of bones from the human and animal bodies.  This book is geared for 2nd to 5th graders and is so informative I think it could even be used with older kids.  The book breaks down the body into parts, comparing hand bones of humans and animals to the full skeletons.  It has pull out pages that make it even more fun to get on the floor and explore.

petite-stag-favoriteBats at the Library, by Brian Lies is going to be a new favorite in our house.  I picked this fabulous book up yesterday and I have already read it three times by request.  It is about bats who are bored and sneak into the library after hours and explore.  Brian Lies, does an amazing job with his illustrations, they bring this story to life.  These little bats have so much fun they lose track of time and suddenly realize dawn is coming.  You must check this book out, I will not be putting this one away with the rest of the Halloween books in November.

For the tiniest of petites…these board books will not disappoint

Halloween Board Books

Five Black Cats, by Patricia Hegarty is so cute, we love the little black cat illustrations.  The five cats stick together and go exploring through the town.  They meet a little white mouse who leads them to a very fun party with lots of colorful treats to eat.  My one year old likes pointing to the cats and turning the thicker pages on her own.

Halloween Faces, by Nancy Davis was a surprise.  My daughters love this book.  I do not use the word love lightly here, this book has tattered edges and has been thoroughly enjoyed.  With fun pages that allow you to change the childrens masks from cat to vampire it is a favorite.  I am sure your little ones will agree.

Frankenstein: An Anatomy Primer, by Jennifer Adams,  I love these babylit books and what is not to love about learning anatomy from Frankenstein?  Everything about this board book is so incredibly cute.

Dracula: A Counting Primer: let’s count castles, wolves, ships, heroes, tombstones and boxes (coffins).  This classic remade into a board book is well worth your time to look into.

Five Little Pumpkins, by Dan Yaccarino, follows traditional “five little” songs, a really fun book to share with your little ones.  The lyrical pattern to the words makes it an enjoyable read.

Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin, by Tad Hills is a very silly read about Duck and Goose who are on a mission to find a pumpkin.  However, they are looking in some pretty silly places until they get a little help from their friend.  As always the illustrations are fabulous.  Sure to become a Halloween favorite.

Alright friends, that is our list of Halloween books that have been huge hits.   I am sure that there are others out there that I haven’t come across yet, let me know, in the comments section, if I have left off one of your families favorites.  I am always looking for another book to add to the petites collection.



An English Majors Daughters

One of my very first memories as a child was reading a book, it was this book (the exact book my petite is reading), I loved all of the pictures that werephoto 3 in this story so much, plus it is a huge book.  I remember sitting on a chair and holding this book looking at all of the amazing illustrations when the book started to slide off of my lap, I tried to hold onto it and in the process ripped the page.  I remember being horrified that I ruined the book.  My mom reassured me that it wasn’t ruined and a little tape would sort it all out.  Now, my daughter pulls it out and the rip is still there…but she doesn’t seem to mind.    Now that she is almost five she doesn’t want to take naps anymore, boo!  So we have a quiet time rule, she lays in bed and reads books.  It is pretty cute to see what her top choices are.   She takes quite a large pile of books to bed with her each day.

I think by now everyone has heard that reading with your kids has amazing benefits, time spent with them, time modeling being a reader, spending time talking about illustrations, or favorite parts of stories.  As petites get older they can read to you, it’s basically a win-win situation.  As a teacher I am always recommending to parents who ask what I can do at home with my kids – read!  Be a voracious reader, surround yourself with books, magazines, comic books, whatever.

Since I’m a bit of a nerd my petite has had books galore before she was even born.  I religiously read books to my belly and when she was born, I continued even before she was able to hold her head up let alone a book.  I think one of the first items we bought for her nursery was a bookcase and it was over flowing by the time she arrived.

One of my favorite things about this petite is that she has an amazing memory for things like stories and songs, and she has photo 1a few that she knows all the words to and she now will read them to her little sister.  Recently a good friend of mine introduced us to these amazing books – A BabyLit – they are an English majors dream come true for their kids.  These books are so incredibly cute.  My friend went on a mission to get all of them for her petite.  When holidays, birthdays or births would happen my very literary pal would get ones for my girls.  A-Mazing.  Love like-minded mommies.

Recently, I was at Costco and they had these gems in two packs for under $10 – WHAT?!  The only problem was the way the packs were divided I already had one of each in the pack.  I should have just bought them all at the time, Costco remorse (the feeling when you think it will be there always and you go back three, no kidding, three days later and they are all gone).  Anyway, they are just really cute primers that are easy for bigger kids to share with smaller ones and well if you are an English Major or book lover they are even more fabulous.  photoThere are a ton of them and they can all be found on Amazon so that is awesome.  There are new ones all the time so you can pick which baby versions of your favorite classics you like the best.  Or like me and my pal just try to buy them all, however, I need to get shopping because I only have six at the moment and I believe there are 14!

Just to share a little more about my love for Jennifer Adams BabyLit books – she has other totally cute products that I covet.  Check out these incredibly cute totes – so cute for a trip to the library.  After perusing her site a little more I found these cute little play sets that go along with the books – could these be any cuter?  Oh buddy, then if you’re looking for decor, the illustrator sells the prints from these books!  Lovely!

Basically, I am in love with these books and so are my petite’s.  I usually give books to expecting mommies and now these books always make it into the Petite Stag’s favorite book list/gift.  If you know another book lover I am sure that these books will not disappoint.  Also, how cute would they be packaged in a little tote!? Come on, cutest gift ever.

Happy Reading!