We’re Going on a Book Hunt, Going to Find a Good One

Going on a book hunt

A friend of mine asked me just the other day how I come across so many cute books – she said she always gets so overwhelmed with all of the choices at the bookstores.  I spend a huge portion of my time  sitting on the floor at my local public library pulling books off the shelves and reading little snippets.  I go to the library on average three times a week.  I have checked out hundreds of books over the past year; and have the library fines to prove it.  Although I check out so many I only share with you the ones that we really love.

I spend a lot of time on the  internet reading about illustrators and publishers and what books are coming out.  I follow a lot of my favorite authors and illustrators on Twitter and pay attention to who they follow.  Here are some of my favorite places to get inspired with all of the amazing books that are out there.  When I am looking for books on specific topics, I check out No Time For Flash Cards, this is a fantastic resource books that are already organized by theme/topic.  Little Crooked Cottage is so helpful in sharing about new books that they love.  Not to mention, my local indie bookstore and of course indie bound for what new releases are going to be on the shelves soon.

No TIme for Flashcards

No Time for Flash Cards

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Little Crooked Cottage

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When I hear about a new book coming out I try to get my hands on it as soon as possible.  I am a big proponent of using the public library – I am so fortunate that I have seven libraries within a four mile radius to choose from – basically, I place a lot of holds on books.

There are so many books out there that are just not my cup of tea.  Honestly, it is shocking how many books are just massed produced and don’t have any literary value to them.  I realize saying that makes me somewhat of a snob, but that is okay.  I have those mass produced books too – my kids love them and they serve a purpose.

How I Choose the Books

However, with this blog what I want to do is showcase the books that are special, extraordinary, inspiring and important.  On my quest to find these books I’ve realized I have a criteria for the books that make it into the tote bag and come home.

  1. positive story that is well written
  2. illustrations that support the story
  3. illustrations that are stunning
  4. a strong willed character
  5. something different that we don’t normally read
  6. a cover image that intrigues
  7. a new or novel way to tell a story
  8. story that inspires
  9. a story where you learn something new or want to learn more when it’s over
  10. story that my kids love (even if I don’t get why)

These are the criteria that the books I share with you, my lovely readers, have met in some way.

At this point I am reviewing and sharing the books that we love.  However, if you would like me to review your book please contact me to do so, but please note, my thoughts and opinion are my own.


A cute new addition to the shelves

Tea RexToday I was at a local independent bookstore for story time and they had this book on display.  Wouldn’t you pick this lovely book off of the shelves for perusing?  The cover just begs you to open it and read.  It came out last April, and let me tell you Molly Idle who is both author and illustrator created an enchanting read.  The illustrations are just fantastic.  It is a terribly cute story about a little girl who has a T-Rex over for a tea party.  The silly things that happen when the too large T-Rex desires a spot of tea; as you can imagine with a tyrannosaurus at a tea party it is pretty silly.  This book is a must for any petite who loves tea parties and unexpected guests.

t rex

Stay tuned for more fantastic reads in future post, also if you have a story that you think is a treasure I would love to hear about it in the comment section.

Happy Reading,