Perfect Prints for a Petites Book Nook

In thinking about updating my girls book nook, I have been contemplating what type of art to put onto the walls.  I am so excited about some of the amazing things I have found.

Etsy is such a perfect place to find incredibly lovely prints at reasonable prices.  What I love most is that you can find amazing art from illustrators of some of our favorite books.

The Fox and the Tea Cup has amazing prints that depict strong-willed girls and adorable animals reading.  I love her designs and have written about her lovely book plates before.

Fox and the Tea Cup Knight The Fox and the TeaCup

Trafalgars Square is a fantastic shop, Kit Chase is the artist behind these designs and one of my petites all time favorite books Oliver’s Tree.  There are so man lovely designs I am sure you would be able to find prints for your petite’s nook.  I have written about her lovely illustrations before here and here.

Bookish ElephantThe Bookish SortPirate Book ClubLittle Scholar in Brown Study

The Black Apple is Emily Winfield Martin’s etsy shop.  It’s lovely, if you are a fan of her stunningly illustrated books Dream Animals and Day Dreamers then you will love these prints.  I’ve written about our love of her books here and my love of her illustrations here.

Dream Animals Fairy DreamDream Animals Fox Girl PrintDream Animals Narwhal Girl Print

The Little Fox is a really lovely shop filled with lots of whimsical prints, these are some of my favorites.

Owl Love BooksFly Away with a BookBooks Can Take You Anywhere

Another incredibly charming poster that would be a welcome addition to any nook


With so many reading inspired print options available you can choose any theme your petite might like.  Which are your absolute favorites?





Illustrator Love: Emily Winfield Martin

There are so many incredibly talented illustrators and I feel like I’ve been so fortunate in the past few weeks to happen upon so many of them.

These books are absolute favorites of my 19 month old.  She squeals when she sees the books and carries them to you to read them to her.  It is beyond adorable.  So adorable, in fact, that I refused to return them to the library in exchange for prolonged cute book encounters.

Emily Winfield Martin has such amazing artistic talent, I had seen her work before at a local shop in Seattle and didn’t put it together that she was this amazing children’s book illustrator as well.  Check out her etsy shop The Black Apple.

After my petite fell so deeply in love, as we all did with Emily’s stunning illustrations I wanted to know more…this is from her website:

She works in a tiny nook of a studio filled with old children’s books, wind-up toys, and stacks of fabric. Her work is inspired by fairy tales, music, myths, carnivals, children’s books from the late 19th through mid 20th century, her favorite films, and autobiography.

This space sounds amazing!  If for some reason you’re still not gushing then you need to watch this short video.

Okay, so let me get onto her books.  She has written two children’s picture books Dream Animals in 2013 and the companion to is Day Dreamers published just this year.

These illustrations are incredible.  After we checked Dream Animals out from the library I hoped there would be more and sure enough Day Dreamers had just been published.


from www…

I try not to judge books by their covers, but when this is the cover you can bank on a remarkable book within.

I love that these books spark your imagination, when we were reading it one night, my five year old said, oh I know what is happening it’s that little boys imagination…that’s so cool.  I love books that are not only gorgeous, but that inspire young minds to dream and to explore their imaginations.

These books do just that, they are lovely adventures that delight and inspire.  My petites and I adore these books and I am sure that you will too.


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