Fostering the Love of Writing

As a teacher I know that teaching writing can often times be one of the most difficult tasks for teachers.  Today I found a book that I would love to share with students in the early elementary grades (K-2): How to Bake a Book by Ella Burfoot.


This book is about a little girl who sets out to bake herself a book.  She mixes words and rolls in characters and in the end has herself a delicious book.


I could see reading this book before a creative writing unit in class.  It’s funny and a little bit silly.  It also might just be the way to get more hesitant writers thinking about the ingredients that go into making a great story.  Writing a good story can sometimes be difficult for petites, where to start, how to start, but when you break it down into pieces like a recipe it seems a lot less daunting.


I think that this book would be perfect for kindergarteners and first graders, this is such a fun book, with such fabulous vocabulary boosting words.  This book is sure to get a giggle from your petites and I’m sure will inspire some creative writing from your students.

A whole class idea that I have been thinking would be so much fun to engage kids and get them thinking about writing would be able to do a whole class or smaller group activity.  In this activity, each student would have a piece to the story, whether it’s a word, character,  image of setting  and have a large bowl with a spoon and put it all together as a class.  It would be so much fun to work on this as a whole group and see what the kids come up with then share their book with the class and their families.

How would you use How to Bake a Book in your classroom?