Boxes and Boxes of Books

You never truly know how many books you have until you have to move them.

I had been double stacking my bookcases for years, like a whole hidden shelf of books behind the ones showing.  Yep, that is what I’m talking about here.  So when I started packing to move to our new home, it became quite clear that I have a generous collection of books.  Books I am completely unwilling to part with, some books I may never read again, some books I read every few years and fall in love all over again, a few books that were really challenging and are a testaments of my literary prowess and some of my favorites: books that were given to me by the people I love.

Our new home is amazing, filled with all the things we had been dreaming about.  One of the most wonderful things about our new home is that there is a little room off of our kitchen with a fireplace that has become our library!  Yes, our library, my books now can have a proper home and all those libraries I have been saving on Pinterest will come into play.

Happy reading!



Library Love Buyers Guide

Library Love Buyers GuideWho doesn’t love a trip to the library?  Or have fond memories of searching through a card catalog for a book?  Or that amazing smell, something like newly sharpened pencils and musty paper?  Here are some pretty awesome gifts for the book lover and librarians in your life.

Library Card Pouch |Library Card Socks | Library Card Tote | Personal Library Kit | Library Book Stamp Pillow |  Library Stamps Tee |Library Book

I am sort of obsessed with Out of Print Clothing, they have so many fantastic things.  It is the perfect place to find gifts for your friends & family who love books.  So many unique shirts and just all round bookworm goodness.  Also, if I am missing any fabulous library gifts let me know in the comments below.

Happy Shopping,