Mr. Tiger Goes Wild!

Cover Art

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild (Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards (Awards)) by Peter Brown is a truly wonderful book.  This book is not only beautifully illustrated and written, but the message is one that is so important for all children and even a nice reminder for adults.

Mr. Tiger is a proper gentleman who lives a rather ordinary life and is bored with it.  He wants to go wild and try something new.  There are so many things I love about this book, first of all the message of being yourself – even if it is different from everyone else around you.  I think that especially for children being yourself can sometimes be hard and any story that champions flying your own flag is one that should be read with passion and often.

Another aspect that I love is that once Mr. Tiger “goes wild” others around him realize they too want to do their own thing and try being themselves for a while.  Peter Brown has created a fantastic story about going your own way – what a fantastic message to give our petites.

Here are so fabulous activities that go along with this wonderful book from Peter Browns website.   Mr. Tiger Activity KitMr. Tiger Mask Mr. Tiger Match Game Mr. Tiger Stick Puppets Word Scramble