A Hilarious Read: This Book Just Ate My Dog!


Richard Byrne has created a book that is incredibly hilarious and engaging for readers.  This book is so silly, that my petite was giggling so hard when we were reading it that we started giggling too and couldn’t stop.

It is a story about a little girl named Bella who is walking her dog, and you guessed it, the book eats her dog.  What?!  Don’t get too close, because this is one hungry book and it has an appetite for just about anything.  Where this book gets silly…one word…BURP!  For some reason this single word has my five year old howling with laughter.


Reader engagement is so important especially for young readers, this book has it, spoiler alert, after everyone is swallowed up it is up to the reader to sort it all out.  What is so fun and engaging is that you’re asked by Bella (our protagonist) to turn the book and shake, and shake until everyone falls out of the gutter of the book.  It is so funny, the first time we read it, the petite looked at me like really, shake it?  Then she grabbed it and shook like crazy.  It was hilarious.

This book would be perfect for someone who likes to read, as this book is different from most in how you can intereact with it.  This book would also be perfect for a petite who is not too keen on reading.  This Book Just Ate My Dog is so creative and unique I love the little surprises in the details of this book, it is so well done.  I cannot wait for you to read it.