Best Bookshops Seattle: Petite Edition



There is something so special about walking into a bookshop and being immediately greeted and treated like you’ve been coming there for years (even on your first visit).  That is what you can expect when you stop in at The Secret Garden Books in the Ballard neighborhood (2214 NW Market St) of Seattle.  This independent bookshop is absolutely wonderful and has been in operation since 1977,  this bookshop has books for all ages, however, it would seem that their incredibly large children’s section is one of their passions.


I was so impressed with how inviting this store is, their staff is so incredibly helpful.  What I loved about this store is the way that they display their books, so many are facing out allowing you to interact with the books in much more enjoyable way.


Another aspect of this delightful bookshop is their huge selection of board books.  I was so excited to see so titles, so many fabulous options not just the usual.


What is even more impressive than their amazing stock of books, is their staff.  I had been wanting to pick up a new chapter book to read with the petite and was helped by the lovely Katie who had so many great suggestions about books that my girl might like and she was spot on with her recommendations.  I love a store when the staff is knowledgeable, has actually read the books and is passionate about books.

I am sure you will love everything about this shop, it’s amazing.  Here is everything you need to know to get there and experience it for yourself.  The parking in this neighborhood can be a little challenging, come ready to drive around for that perfect spot.

2214 NW Market Street
Seattle, WA 98107

Monday – Friday 10 – 8

Saturday 10 – 7

Sunday 11 – 5




Best Bookshops Seattle: Foodie Favorite

If you are a foodie, bibliophile or cookbook collector you simply must go to The Book Larder: a community cookbook store in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle (4252 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, Wa 98103).  This is an entire store dedicated to cookbooks!

photo 5

I personally love cookbooks, when I was a child I would sit and pour over the pictures in my moms cookbooks.  I love them, everything about them.  If you love cookbooks even a little bit, you will love this store.

What is even better is the staff are so knowledgable about the cookbooks, they can recommend books and have a huge array of cookbooks from around the country and globe as well as vintage cookbooks.  What is so special about this store is the laid back feel when you walk in, you could spend hours in there and still not see all of the books they have to offer.

photo 3

Another aspect that makes this shop so inviting is the kitchen table in the middle of the store.  Not only do they sell amazing cookbooks, but they have classes and demos on a regular basis too!  The cooking classes range from $30-$85 and the book talks are free.  You may have to stop me before I completely start to swoon.

This is the perfect shop for people who love to cook or who want to buy a unique or special cookbook for the foodie in their life.  With exceptionally unique cards, tea towels, totes and recipe cards.


Make the most of your visit:

Leave the petites at home so you can fully immerse yourself in this awesome shop.  This is not really a kids bookshop and will be more enjoyable without petites in tow.  With that said, I brought my five year old and it was fine, I just didn’t get to browse as leisurely as I would have liked.  The shop owner graciously offered to bring out crayons, thankfully on our visit their were food samples which kept her occupied.

Store Hours
Monday–Friday: 11am–6pm
Saturday: 11am–5pm
Sunday: 12pm–4pm
Parking: lots of street parking that is free, you may have to walk a little bit.
Check their website for classes or book signings –
I can’t wait to hear what you think about this amazing shop and better yet what cookbook you leave with.
Bon Appetit!


Saturdays in Seattle: Eating Your Way Through Pike Place Market

I am going to start spending a little more time talking about Seattle.  My petite family has lived in Seattle for almost ten years now and we love it here.  I want to share some of our favorite places, I am going to start with one of Seattle’s most famous tourist attractions.

Pike Place Market

When we go to the market we spend more time eating or buying things to eat than in the shops, so I am going to focus on our favorite food locations.  Yes, everyone does it when they are here, but there are some places that are so worth the sometimes stressful trip inside.  A couple things to know, don’t drive onto Pike Place it is a total disaster.  Drive around the busy market.  Let me start you off on the right foot.  If you have children pay really close attention.  Whatever you do, do not take a stroller into the market, especially on a weekend or holiday.  Trust me, I am a local and I go there…just usually not on the weekends.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Inside the market you must eat doughnuts at Daily Dozen Doughnut Company, they make these amazing mini doughnuts right there they come in a brown paper sack and are worth the wait in the line.  We love the cinnamon sugar.

Source: google images

Source: google images

Next stop, Delaurenti’s, right next to the doughnut vendor, you can check out some yummy Italian fare while your doughnuts cool down a little.

Source: Seattle Times

Source: Seattle Times

And while we are checking out amazing foods, you simply must walk further into the market into Market Spice.  This little shop has been around since 1911 and for a good reason, you guessed, it they have amazing spices and teas.  What we love most about this place is the incredibly knowledgeable staff.  They can give some great recommendations of new things to try.  Another bonus, the prices are amazing.

Bloody Mary

Source: Lowell’s

While you are here you can get an amazing Bloody Mary at Lowell’s, I am not sure how the food is, because I was treating my Bloody Mary as a meal.

Head downstairs and straight into Golden Age Comics, the oldest comic book store in America!  This place is the real deal you can find tons of comic books, pop culture collectables, scripts, autographs and even toys.  My super cool sister in law picked up an awesome Dr. Who script and loved her entire shopping/browsing experience.

There are tons of amazing vendors and fabulous local artisans if you’re looking for a little fun something to take home or as a gift.  It is worth it to walk all around and check things out for yourself.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Outside of the market and across the street are some pretty amazing Russian treats at  Piroshky Piroshky , they have so many to choose from, you will probably just want to get a box.

Source: Seattle Weekly

Source: Seattle Weekly

Mee Sum Pastry right next door has amazing BBQ Pork Hum Bao’s a fabulous price as well.   This is where you may need to dig deep and decide if you can possibly eat one more delicious thing or if you need to get one to go.

This is where you will find the Flagship Startbucks…fun for those of you caffeine fiends – the lines tend to be long, but you will be munching on a Piroshky or Hum Bao so you won’t mind.

Source: Beecher's

Source: Beecher’s

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese – you can get just a little sample here and decide if you want to commit to a bigger hunk of cheese.  This is also a fun stop for the petites to see how cheese is made.  They also have delicious mac and cheese if you’re still hungry.

Source: Le Panier

Source: Le Panier

Le Panier – delicious French bakery some Seattleites will argue the best.

I realize that this is basically all about the food at the market, it’s true.  There are tons of great shops inside and outside of the market.  Here are just a few of my favorites.

Source: Metskers

Source: Metskers

Metskers Maps if you happen to love maps as much as I do you need to go to this store.  They have globes in so many different styles you will be wondering how to carry all of your piroshky’s and globes home.

Source: Antiques at Pike Place

Source: Antiques at Pike Place

Antiques at Pike Place for anyone who is looking for their next treasure, you will perhaps find it here.  Also a good place to burn off some calories after your snacks.

The Soap Box,  is such a fun little shop, filled with great smelling soaps and aromatherapy items.  A great place to stop and buy a bath soak for your tired toes.

You can squeeze it all into one day if you have to, but it might just be more fun to stay close by and go back – you’ll feel just like a local your second time through.

If you have a question about the market feel free to ask me in the comments below, I would love to help you plan your market adventure.