The Airport Book…perfect for your next trip!

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The Airport Book by Lisa Brown (Roaring Brook Press, 2016) is a wonderful read.  This book is perfect for summer travel.

Last night as my husband read this to my girls we both looked at each other with that knowing look that this book is fabulous.  This book is fabulous for many reasons, the first – for any petite who has never traveled by plane before this book is fantastic in depicting the steps and things that will happen from leaving the house to arriving at your destination.  Immediately we both thought that this would be a perfect book for petites who might find air travel to be a struggle, to be a challenge, even petites who might be scared or need some practice to get ready for the big travel day.

The illustrations are busy and give you a sense of the feel of the airport.  The book exemplifies diversity, which I love!  The family that the reader follow is a family of four, Mom, Dad, older brother and toddler sister.  The family is biracial and like the rest of the illustrations this book does a wonderful job of giving a real world picture of all the people you might find at the airport (young, old, eccentric, multiple ethnicities, wheel chair users, seeing impaired with a guide dog).

The book completely prepares a little one for what air travel will look like from beginning to end.  It is perfect for petites ages 3-8, those who might need more support and planning to get ready for all of the noises and the bustle of air travel.  Or perhaps the perfect book for those who will be taking their first flight this summer.

Bon Voyage!

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Ah Honey Honey…Adventures in Savannah

If you’re looking for a unique tasting experience in Savannah, you must buzz on over to The Savannah Bee Company.  This little gem of a store is in the historic district and needs to be added to your list of things to see and do while in Savannah.  There is something so special about eating local foods when you travel.  We loved that you can sample every single type of honey they sell, my girls sampled over ten different types of honey.

honeyThe truly unique thing was that each honey has a different flavor and color because of the different flowers the bees visited.  Part of the samplings was raw honeycomb, which was my older daughter’s favorite.  During the tastings the honey purveyors were able to tell you about each honey and if you liked it or not were able to recommend your next tasting. They even had bar stools you could sit on to get a more in-depth experience.  If you prefer to sample on your own, they were incredibly perceptive and just let you move at your own pace.  Our top choices were: Tupelo Honey, Orange Blossom Honey, Savannah Honey and the raw honeycomb.  My only regret was we couldn’t get more honey into our suitcases.


The store is not just a place to buy the golden goodness, it is also a place where you can find amazing skin care products, books about all things bee as well as unique gift items.  Their logo is fantastic and can be found on any number of really neat products, shirts, tank tops, yoga bags, or canvas totes.  This store knows how to impress parents as well. A bee hive play area for small children with little stuffed bees, is sure to impress any budding beekeeper.  While the kids played, we shopped and enjoyed some sweet tea made with their everyday honey making this one of the most relaxed shopping experiences we have encountered.

The store owner, Ted, is so passionate about bees and education as well.  Every person who we encountered knew so much about honey and bees it was remarkable.  You could tell that everyone who works there is incredibly passionate about bees and educating people about their products.

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Not going to Savannah anytime soon?  Don’t worry, many local stores sell their products and you might just be surprised at how close you are to tasting some delicious Savannah Bee Company honey.