City Shapes

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City Shapes by Diana Murray and art by Bryan Collier (Little, Brown and Company, 2016) is filled with rhymes and rhythm.  This is the story of a little girl who is walking through her city for a full day.  This little petite is full of wonder and excitement as she gives us, the reader, a tour of her fabulous city.  I love that this book shows the wonder that a city has to hold, so often in picture books the city is not what is showcased its a more rural setting and I am really enjoying the new trend of showing off urban settings and all that they have to offer.

This book is a fanciful I spy and so much fun to read with little ones, the text is so engaging with the rhyme and then of course you need to search for all the examples of shapes on the page, which makes it so much fun during story time.  Another fun component is that the illustrations look like a collage and inspire little ones to think about the stories that they can tell and what they might look like.  I also love that after reading this story the next day as we were driving around our city, the girls started looking for all the shapes that they could see.

What I think is incredibly special is that this little petite who guides us through her city is Bryan Collier’s four-year old daughter; so sweet.  I love that the illustrations capture what it is to be a child and the wonder and delight that can so often be found in the simple discoveries around your community.  This is a perfect book for petites in the 2-5 year age range.

The Airport Book…perfect for your next trip!

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The Airport Book by Lisa Brown (Roaring Brook Press, 2016) is a wonderful read.  This book is perfect for summer travel.

Last night as my husband read this to my girls we both looked at each other with that knowing look that this book is fabulous.  This book is fabulous for many reasons, the first – for any petite who has never traveled by plane before this book is fantastic in depicting the steps and things that will happen from leaving the house to arriving at your destination.  Immediately we both thought that this would be a perfect book for petites who might find air travel to be a struggle, to be a challenge, even petites who might be scared or need some practice to get ready for the big travel day.

The illustrations are busy and give you a sense of the feel of the airport.  The book exemplifies diversity, which I love!  The family that the reader follow is a family of four, Mom, Dad, older brother and toddler sister.  The family is biracial and like the rest of the illustrations this book does a wonderful job of giving a real world picture of all the people you might find at the airport (young, old, eccentric, multiple ethnicities, wheel chair users, seeing impaired with a guide dog).

The book completely prepares a little one for what air travel will look like from beginning to end.  It is perfect for petites ages 3-8, those who might need more support and planning to get ready for all of the noises and the bustle of air travel.  Or perhaps the perfect book for those who will be taking their first flight this summer.

Bon Voyage!

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