Baby Shower Games and Goodies

Shower Games

I think we all have been to showers and had to play games that made us roll our eyes or just aren’t terribly fun or the worse the ones where I feel like a bad mom because I don’t know the nursery rhymes.  I tried to think about our audience and make choices that would be appropriate from ages 20s – 80s.  There are tons of super cute games to choose from, my mommy to be in this case is a very practical mommy, so I chose to have one of the games be:

The Price is Rightprice is right shower gameThis game is so much fun to do.  You choose some baby items and pick them up at the store and have shower guests guess how much the items are and then come up with a grand total.  It was so fun to then go through and say how much things actually were, lots of people who either hadn’t had babies yet or in a while got a huge kick out of this game.  Then the best part, the mommy gets to keep all the goodies.

Daddy Knows Best

This is a hilarious game.  There is a list of questions to ask the daddy-to-be (you do it beforehand) and then have the mommy-to-be guess what the daddy said.  Guests try to guess how many questions the mommy-to-be will get right.  It is hilarious.  You go through each question one at a time, read it, mommy answers, then read the daddy’s.  In this case, the daddy is pretty funny and we all got a kick out of the answers her provided.  Daddy Knows Best Shower Game

Baby Gift Bingo

This is a really fun game for guests, it is also nice if mommy-to-be is a little shy about opening presents in front of everyone.  You simply print out a bingo board and have guests write down gifts that they think the parents will get, then they shout out bingo when the get five in a row.  There are tons of cute options to purchase on ETSY, or you can make your own.  Baby Shower Bingo


I wanted to have cute pink prizes for the three game winners, so I chose to buy a light pink polish Essie has tons of options.  I put a cute little ribbon around the top.  I didn’t think to get a picture beforehand and then it seemed a little silly to ask the guests to put them back so I could take one.

We did three games and I think that was plenty.  We did The Price is Right while everyone was eating, then as they were finishing up we did Daddy Knows Best.  Then we were going to open presents, so we passed out the bingo cards.

I got lots of compliments about the games at the shower, lots of people said that they were the most fun shower games that they had ever played.  A few of the guests, asked for the extra copies so they could use them at showers they were going to host.  Overall, I loved the games and was really excited about how people received them.

Shower Favorsphoto 2

The mommy-to-be is a huge tea drinker, so for the favors I chose to give tea.  Inside each of the cute little bags were 4 jasmine tea bags.  The little sticker says “A Baby is Brewing…expected delivery _____”, I just picked these little stickers up at the stationery store and put the wording I wanted into the template.


2 thoughts on “Baby Shower Games and Goodies

  1. when you decided to arrange the baby shower party at the home than first thing is our mind is that the themes and the games which are making the fun and entertainment. To seeing your post i get the ideas of the baby shower games which are full of fun.


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