A delicious way to drink more water…just in time for summer.

Cucumber Basil Infused WaterI came across a picture on Pinterest a few days ago of a Ball Wide Mouth Water Infuser.  I immediately wanted one.  This is brilliant, we don’t normally drink out of mason jars in my house, but I have a ton of them from canning projects.  All I needed was to track down this infuser and lid.  I had been checking local markets and Target, but was out of luck.  I was at Walmart yesterday and sure enough in the canning aisle they had it.  It was $5.74.  Today I started to use it and am so incredibly happy I found it.

I don’t normally drink enough water, in fact I am pretty sure that I am dehydrated or close to it most of the time.  Having the opportunity to drink flavored water on a regular basis with items I have in my garden or fridge is just amazing and really cost-effective.  The Ball website even has suggestions for flavor pairings, today I have been enjoying cucumber basil and it’s amazing.  I wouldn’t have thought to pair those two together but it is really refreshing.  Here are some of the other options that they suggest:

Water Infusions

A couple of things, it doesn’t come with the jar, so you would need to have a wide mouth mason jar already or be willing to buy some.  Also, a rather fun note from Ball is that you can use the same fruits and herbs for up to 2-3 days as long as they stay submerged in water and you refrigerate when you’re not drinking it.

You can purchase these little beauties from Ball directly as well as Amazon, but they are more expensive than the one I purchased at Walmart yesterday.  Since the petite keeps taking mine when I am not looking, I suspect I will be buying another one soon.





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