It’s Banned Book Week

Banned Book Week

It is banned book week, this is always a really fun time for teachers.  Especially teachers who teach middle or high school.  Great discussions can be had in classrooms about censorship and why some titles might be banned while others are not.  Some of my favorite books are banned, some I read in high school, my catholic all girls high school, others I read in college.  Some of them I have even taught to other people’s children.

The American Library Association promotes the freedom to choose or the freedom to express one’s opinions even if that opinion might be considered unorthodox or unpopular, and stresses the importance of ensuring the availability of those viewpoints to all who wish to read them – the Office for Intellectual Freedom of the American Library Association

The books on the list are classics, classics that offer something to everyone who reads them.  Many of these books are old friends to me, some very dear.  I cannot even begin to imagine a world without these books.  As I write this looking at my bookshelf, I realize just how much I love these books.  For the entire list of books that have either been banned or challenged check out the American Library Association for the complete list.  I know I am always surprised when I read which titles make the list; others it makes a little more sense why someone out there would have an issue with it.  Banned Book Week reminds me of just how thankful I am that I have access to books about a multitude of topics and am able to read what I want when I want without restrictions.

What are some of your favorite banned or challenged books?  Tell me about some of them, I am always looking for another book to add to my collection of unread books.




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