Baby Shower Activitites

Welcoming a new little one into the world is always cause for a celebration.  Here are a few ideas of activities you could do at a baby shower that are not only fun, but functional.

Onesie Decorating


This is such a fun idea, however, not everyone is artistically inclined and can wield a bottle of puff paint into a wearable masterpiece.  I happen to be that mom that feels guilt if I don’t use or dress my child in something someone gives me, with that said I personally had a hard time trying to make a lovely onesie for a petite that she could wear out in public when fabric markers and puff paint were my only option.  I still love the idea of decorating onesies, just maybe a different version.  Another reason this is such a cute shower activity, is because it’s an incredibly cute decoration to hang on a string with small clothes pins holding up the onesies before they are decorated and after.

What you will need:

  • printer
  • copier
  • Iron on Adhesive, like this one, or if you happen to be near a fabric store I am sure they have lots of options
  • Iron
  • Fabric Fat Quarters (with smaller patterns or designs)
  • scissors
  • onesies

You can choose just about any image that you would like to use and print it our and blow it up to the size you want.  Then just have the images cut out and ready to go at the party, I would say one for each guest and maybe a few extra images.  Here are some examples of images that might be helpful or fun.

Butterfly Cat Crab Dog Fish Lobster Shark

Iron on For Onesies1. Print  images on heavy cardstock and cut out.

2. Iron fabric square onto adhesive paper following directions on packaging

You can pre-cut the fabric to match the sizes of the images or let guests do it

3. Outline image on the transfer paper side

4. & 5. Cut out the images

6. Iron it onto the onesie

Ta-da, a lovely onesie for the petite.

If you are thinking your guests, might prefer to just iron on pre-made cuteness, then you’re in luck, check here and here for already put together packages.

Hair Clip Making

Baby Shower Hair Clip Activity

A good friend and I made a huge box full of hair clips for a little petite a few years ago and in the process decided it was so much fun that we ended up making some for our petites too.  This is a quick and easy fun activity.  If you can cut and glue you’re on your way to cute hair clips.

What you will need:

  • ribbon (Target dollar bins have cute little rolls of ribbon for scrapbooking that could be used to make these clips)
  • felt and buttons
  • hair clips, I like these, these and these
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors

Pretty minimal if you ask me.  What is so much fun is seeing all of the creations people can come up with, little bow and flowers, or just plain wrap around designs.  The options are endless, you can make them as frilly or classic as you like.

BowBow Clip Tutorial

1. fold ribbon into a circle and glue together

2. cut off excess ribbon

3. with glued area in the middle pinch ribbon to form a bow shape

4. fold extra piece of ribbon in half and wrap around the center of the first folded ribbon, glue it down once you get the look you’re going for

5. glue it to the clip **make sure the clip is open before you glue**

6. put glue on the clip and press the bow down onto it


I like these two activities because the end products are cute and functional, but more so because everyone no matter their level craftiness will be able to participate in making the new petite something special.

Happy celebrations!



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