Top Ten Libraries…Get Your Passport Ready

When I think of books I love, I often times think of the places I read the books.  Libraries are such special places; I wanted to share my top ten libraries that I have been to or really wanting to cross off my Library Wanderlust List.  These are just my current top ten, there are so many more, oh my goodness so many more.

1. Long Room, Trinity College – Dublin, Ireland.

Long Room, Trinity College, Dublin Ireland

2. Suzzallo Library, University of Washington – Seattle, WashingtonSuzzallo Library University of Washington

3. Seattle Central Public Library – Seattle, Washington

Seattle Central Library Seattle Central Library Interior

4.  Library of Congress – Washington DC

Library of Congress, Washington DC

5. New York Public Library – New York, New York

New York Public Library

6. Vancouver Public Library – Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver Public Library

7. Harper Memorial Library, University of Chicago – Chicago, Illinois


8. George Peabody Library, Johns Hopkins University – Baltimore, Maryland

George Peabody Library at Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland

9. Library of Dutch Parliament – Hague, Netherlands

Library of Dutch Parliment

10. Rijkmuseum Library – Amsterdam

rijksmuseum Library

I’ve only been to the first four libraries, but have a strong desire to visit the rest in my lifetime.  What libraries would make your top ten?











4 thoughts on “Top Ten Libraries…Get Your Passport Ready

  1. Love the post! ❤ I don't know if I'll be able to concentrate and read though, I think I will be most likely contemplating the architecture, the design and the paintings of the libraries!


    • Arielle, I completely agree! The smell of the Long Room at Trinity College was so amazing I barely could focus on walking let alone reading. Thanks for stopping by, I’m so glad you liked this post.


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