Thankfulness and Kids

I think it is pretty important to have children who have manners.  As a teacher and a parent it happens all to often that you have rude little petites, who don’t say please and thank you and becomes terribly refreshing when they do – which I think is sad.  Teaching little ones through modeling has worked for our five year old – she is pretty polite, in fact it is usually what people remark about her when we are out and about.

Recently we found a book that I think is less about Thanksgiving and more about just saying thanks, and being appreciative of what you have.

Karma Wilson has put out these amazing Bear Books and Bear Says Thanks is our new favorite.  We are trying to teach our almost 18 month old to say thank you and she loves bears and animals so this book was a hit!

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

It is an incredibly cute story with a big lesson.  Bear has company and they keep bringing food for a feast, he doesn’t feel he has anything to contribute, but in the end he learns that saying thanks is what it is really all about. He enjoys a fabulous feast with all of his woodland friends and is so thankful.

The illustrations by Jane Chapman are fabulous.  This is a story about being thankful and grateful for your friends and time spent together.  A perfect book to share with your petite on Thanksgiving or any other day.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Petite Stags


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