It’s Lunchtime…The Bear Ate Your Sandwich

My smallest petite absolutely loves bears.  She says bear in such a cute little baby voice, sort of like the Foster’s Beer commercial pronunciation.  So I am always on the lookout for a new bear book to add to our current reading list.  We recently checked  out The Bear Ate Your Sandwich which was published just this month.  [I think we may have been the first people to check this gorgeous book out from the library]


Julia Sarcone-Roach has created such a fun book, so fun in fact that you will not mind reading it over and over again.  The opening page hooks you and you want to know more about bear and what happens and what exactly lead him to eat your sandwich.

I have to say I love this bear, I love his expressions, how he falls asleep in a truck that rumbles all the way into the city.  The story has some pretty amazing details that my older petite was curious about – the truck dips when the bear gets in it.  She made some cute predictions about why it would tip to the side.  I love stories that cause petites to become all the more inquisitive about what they are reading.  This is exactly one of those stories.

One more aspect that I find so charming about this story is that the bear is in a large city and he takes it all in, it is really fun to talk about how the bear might feel.  How there are similarities between the city and forest, and how the bear interacts with the city is really fun.

This is a delightful story that is also a little bit of a mystery and a whole lot of adventure.  My petites loved that the bear, who thought he was being rather sneaky, was caught eating the sandwich.  My oldest was concerned that the bear would not be able to get home, luckily he is able to find his way back to the forest.  This is such a remarkable story you are rooting and cheering for the bear and even scolding him for his naughty behavior at times.  We loved the twist at the end of who was really telling the story all along.

We know you will enjoy this book as much as we did.  The illustrations are so vibrant and lively, you can almost feel the summer breeze and smell of fresh berries.  This book is sure to become a classic, I can’t wait to hear what you think about this book.


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