SnoozeFest – come and get your nap on!

There are times where I hear about a book and people keep talking about it, it is on your twitter feed (okay maybe just my twitter feed), but a book that you can’t wait to read and share with your petites. Snoozefest doesn’t disappoint.  Samantha Berger and Kristyna Litten have created this incredibly fun book.


There are so many things that I love about this book, I love the setting – Snoozeville and the NuzzleDome.  The characters – Snuggleford Cuddlebun.  The names of the bands – The Nocturnal Nesters, Quiet Quartet and Tranquility Trio just to name a few.  Snoozeville is a music concert where all the sleepy heads go to be serenaded by the bands, see a pajama fashion show and of course have some milk.  This is the perfect bedtime book for your dozing darlings.

Kristyna Litten has one of the most vibrant dreamland I think I have ever seen.  As a reader, you almost want to climb inside Snuggleford’s hammock and take a little nappy as the lights begin to dim.

My petites loved looking at where all of the animals chose to nap and the silly names that they called their blankies.  This book is fantastic.  It is perfect for your petites nighttime routine.

Still not convinced this book is the must read ticket in town?  Watch the book trailer and let me know what you think?


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