Maggi and Milo…Going on a Frog Hunt

When I was a little girl, my Papa built me a critter box, it was one of my most prized possessions.  I would search all over for frogs and salamanders.  I would explore the irrigation ditches and small creeks and ponds looking for frogs or crawdads.  It was so much fun.  Now I am fortunate enough that my petites loves to look for frogs as well.

Petite and Frog

When I saw Maggi and Milo by Juli Brenning and illustrations by Priscilla Burris I immediately had to get my hands on it and read it to my girls.  It was a huge hit!

Maggi and Milo

This story is fantastic in so many ways, let’s first take a closer look at our protagonist Maggi is quite perfect – I adore that she wears glasses.  What I love more is that she is described as “an excellent adventurer, a pretty good songwriter, a bit of a scientist”.

Her very best friend is Milo is a boarder collie.  Maggi’s grandma sends her a package with all the necessities for a frog hunt – boots and knowledge (knowledge is a book).  I absolutely love the idea that her Grandma send her a package with knowledge and boots, this is beyond the cutest idea.  The petite is so excited, honestly who wouldn’t be?

She is a petite with a plan, but like most grand plans, sometimes they don’t turn out as you expect.  These two darlings have an eventful day and are even able to catch some frogs – this book is fabulous.  If you have a little one who loves to explore and have an adventure then this book is for them.  If you want to pair this book with the gift that Maggi’s grandma gave her here are some options.


Happy Hunting!



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