Presidents Day for Petites

Petite and Lincoln

If you are new to The Petite Stag, you might not know that we has some very serious love for Abraham Lincoln.  I am pretty sure had our first born been a male child, Lincoln would have been his name.  Lincoln has been a favored stuffie of my petite since she was little, she took him to her very first show and tell at pre-school and it was adorable.

So many books have been written about Abraham Lincoln, over 15,000 books with more being written every day.  In 2012 a group of historians in Washington DC put a tribute together that visualizes what 7,000 of the books written about Lincoln would look like in a stunning tower.  The “books” are pieces of aluminum with the book covers printed on them towering 34 feet in the lobby of Ford’s Theatre Center for Education and Leadership in Washington, D.C.

Source: NPR

Source: NPR

Here is another close up of this amazing tower, the likeness to actual books is amazing.

Source: NPR

Source: NPR

Here are two of our favorite books about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abe Lincoln.

I am Abraham Lincoln (Ordinary People Change World)

John, Paul, George & Ben

I’ve written about these books before and how much we love and enjoy reading them.  Click on the images below to read more information about these two awesome books for petites.

John, Paul, George & BenAbraham Lincoln

If you have other picture book recommendations please let me know, the petites only have these two and I would love to add some other titles to the mix.

I wanted to leave you with some really fun facts about the Presidents of the United States.  Can you guess which president had a pet pygmy hippo?  Watch and find out.

Presidential Fun Facts

Happy Reading,





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