Have you misplaced something lately? Hermelin is just the mouse you need to meet.


I have met the most wonderful character, a very smart detective named Hermelin the Detective Mouse by Mini Grey.  This book is so much fun.  The illustrations are wonderful, they almost have a Richard Scarry feel to them in how much is happening on the pages.  If you happen to watch this video below, you will see that the publisher likened this book to Ratatouille meets Sherlock Holmes!

Hermelin is very smart, he loves to read books as well as type notes on his type writer.  Even more so he loves to solve mysteries of lost things.  The people who live on his street misplace things quite often which keeps Hermelin quite busy.  The residents are so thrilled that all of the mysteries and misplaced things have been found that they throw a thank you party for Hermelin, however it does not go as planned.

Hermelin is charming in his innocence.  When he is discovered he ponders over what is so bad about a mouse?  He is perplexed and so naturally he consults his encyclopedia and realized the devastating truth.  “Unclean, unhygienic, unwanted”  Worst of all a “pest”.  At this point you feel so badly for this darling binocular wearing mouse.

But do not despair quite yet, just when the reader begins to fret for Hermelin and his mental state and future, Hermelin awakes to find a note in his bed and an advertisement needing a detective mouse with just his set of special skills.  Hermelin joins Emily(who happens to live downstairs) for breakfast and they put together their plan for a detective agency.  This book is perfect for little ones four to eight year olds.  My almost two-year old likes looking at the illustrations especially looking around the pages for Hermelin.  I personally loved reading this book there is so much to see, it is the type of book that you notice something new in the illustrations with each reading.

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