Ireland: Favorites Edition

In 2011 my family and I went to Ireland for a few weeks, it was one of the most amazing trips we have ever taken.  We literally talk about it all the time and dream about when we will get to go back.  For St. Patrick’s Day this year I wanted to share some of my favorite Irish things.

Favorite Saying


Favorite Hot Drink because of course Jameson is my favorite cold drink.


Barry’s Tea Gold Blend 80 Count 2-pack – delicious tea that is served at tea time all over Ireland.

Favorite Shop


Oasis the cutest clothing shop ever, they are all over Ireland, but lucky for you they ship everywhere, most likely to your door!

Favorite Places


This is where we went, it was an amazing tour of Ireland.  Read all about our favorite places here.

Favorite Children’s Books

Fiona's LuckKing Puck

Fiona’s Luck |  King Puck

Favorite Crafts

 rainbow-chain-craft-for-kidsThis amazing craft that is so much fun from Crafty Morning.

leprechaun-handprint-craft-545x1024Okay so this is just a snippet of my favorite things, here are some of my other posts all about Ireland.

Best Bookshops Ireland

Erin Go Bragh Trip Planning

Erin Go Bragh Trip Planning





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