Mustache Baby Meets His Match is a hoot!


Mustache Baby Meets His Match is a wonderful facial hair laden book that your petites will thoroughly enjoy.   Bridget Heos and Joy Ang have created two of the most hilarious books that I’ve had the pleasure of sharing with my girls.  These books are filled with hyperbolic delight and illustrations that just make you feel good.  Mustache Baby Meets His Match is the perfect way to start or end any given day.  Yesterday my petite had a tough day at school and came home just sobbing, we sat down with a snack and read this book and it instantly brought a smile to her face.  Priceless.

This is a story about two babies, Billy and Javier.  Javier is new in town and on his first play date.  During this play date Billy is trying to best Javier and make him his sidekick, however making Javier his sidekick is not going as planned.

Javier has a thing or two to show Billy.  The different challenges that they get into are hysterical and a delight for parents and children to read. The mustache and beard have a persona all their own in this story making it even more hilarious to watch how the facial hair changes over the course of the story.

This epic play date is only saved when mom steps in and puts these two in separate corners.  In the end the two work out their differences and learn a very important lesson.

…sometimes the most important race is being the first to say you’re sorry.

There are so many aspects to this book that I love, the references and subtle homage to famous people, whether it’s Einstein, Dali, van Gogh, Santa, Earhart or our favorite president Lincoln.  This book is brilliant in that the mustaches and beard turn from a “good-guy” into a “bad-guy” mustache.  We can certainly all relate to the feelings that these two petites are going through in this story.

Heos and Ang are a perfect pair for this book, the illustrations and story go perfectly together.  The petite said this is her new favorite book.  I am sure once you and your petites get your hands on it you will agree.

Their first book Mustache Baby is the predecessor to this fantastic read.

Mustache Baby


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