Get Ready for Summer with Your Petites

I am a huge fan of Pinterest, it is one of the places where boredom is cured, inspiration happens and where parents can share the amazing things they do with others.  I wanted to share my top four Pinterest pages I love to browse.  Thinking about summer with your petites can be a little overwhelming, Pinterest and these four amazingly talented ladies are helping me to ensure my girls have an incredibly creative and fun summer.

Art Bar Blog

I cannot tell you how inspiring this blog is, I follow her on Facebook too and oh my goodness, the daily posts are so much fun.  You can tell just how passionate she is about art and kids.  I just know you are going to adore her blog, FB page and of course her Pinterest page

Art Bar Blog


Rachelle at Tinkerlab is brilliant, she has a wonderfully fabulous book with sorts of wonderful ideas to keep your petites busy and of course using their creative minds.  I absolutely love her blog, book and of course her Pinterest page.  She is one incredibly creative Mama.


The Garden Classroom

Cathy James is brilliant, she has such an amazing blog, there are so many incredibly fun things to do that your petites will be sure to be highly engaged and entertained with all of the fun activities.  I love this Pinterest page, because there are so many incredibly creative ideas that I would have never thought of on my own – check out this amazing wonderful page.

The Garden Classroom

Red Ted Art

What I love so much about this blog and Pinterest page is that, well a lot of what is used is stuff you already have at home or things you can pick up at the dollar store.  I love that found items play such a huge roll.  But don’t take my word for it, check out this page, I sure you will find lots of fun things to do with your petites over the summer.

Red Ted Art

These four women are so incredibly creative, I love all of their ideas they inspire me to be a better and more creative mom to my own girls.





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