Beachy Reads for Petites

This last week we enjoyed some incredibly warm Seattle weather.  We ended up spending some time at the beach and the lake getting some freckles on our noses.  Of course when we were packing up my girls grabbed books.  I wanted to share these two fantastic beach reads with you.

Sea Rex

Sea Rex written and illustrated by Molly Idle copyright 2015 Viking.  Is a book I have been waiting to read for months.  I love Molly Idle’s art, she is so incredibly talented and this book is just yet another example of her stunning vision.  This book will have your petites giggling and planning their next picnic at the beach in no time.  This is the story of Tea Rex and his family who are on a picnic at the beach, my girls loved that this story included the steps you need to do at the beach, including gathering your friends, using sunscreen, collecting shells and of course a picnic.  What the petite loved the most about this book is a text to self connection that she made when the seagulls steal their picnic basket; she was so excited because we had an incident last summer, that made a huge impression, where some crows ate our entire picnic lunch while we were playing the water. We love that Tea Rex is so versatile in his activities, whether it is a tea party, a camping trip or a day at the beach.  This book will delight even the tiniest of petites with its vibrant illustrations.

  Chu's Day at the Beach

Chu’s Day at the Beach written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Adam Rex copyright 2015 Harper Collins.  Let me just start by saying I love anything written by Neil Gaiman and that statement applies to the Chu books as well.  My girls love Chu and this book certainly did not disappoint.  Chu is an adorable panda who goes to the beach with his family for a fun day in the sun.  Unfortunately, he has a really disastrous sneeze.  What happens next are quite a few really silly things that had my girls fake sneezing as well as trying to predict how Chu could fix the problems.  The illustrations of all of the beach goers are so beautiful, my almost two year old loved looking at all of the different animals and especially the merpandas.  I am sure your petites will enjoy these wonderfully written and stunningly illustrated beach reads.

photo 2

Now I need your help, what are some of your favorite beach reads for petites?  Tell me in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Beachy Reads for Petites

  1. We got Pig Kahuna as a gift from a friend who is a surfer. It’s so cute and encourages those little munchkins that may be afraid of the ocean to not miss out on the fun!


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