Petite Paleontologists, have you ever wondered how the dinosaur got to the Smithsonian?


Well, if you or your petite has asked this question before you’re in luck, because I have a book that will answer all of your questions. How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum by Jessie Hartland (copyright 2011 Blue Apple Books) is a book that uses very scientific words, but in a way the petites will understand and even retain.  The way that each new word is introduced and then highlighted throughout the story is such a great way to reinforce the new vocabulary.

Inner page 1My two year old has a thing for dinos, she loves them.  We were at the library recently and she found this amazing book in the stacks.  My two year old loves this book, she will sit and look at the entire book and its stunning illustrations.  Where as my six year old loves hearing about all of the different jobs that are possible.  Especially since they are scientists, what I love even more is that when she was done looking through this book she saw that there was another book and she wanted to go right back to the library to learn more.

Inner page 2One of the aspects about this book that make it so special are the uniquely stunning illustrations.  Once you have seen one of Jessie Hartland’s books, you will recognize her other work immediately.

I love that this book inspired my girlie to want to learn about other things, like the sphinx and learn more about museums.

If you think that these book looks amazing, you’re right, because they are, you can tell that Ms. Hartland has a serious passion for the topics that she choses to write about.   However, if you have slightly older petites a new book of hers just came out  about Steve Jobs, it is geared for grades 8 and up.


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