Gardening with Bees…yes please. 

When it comes to gardening, it is so important to understand the critical roles that bees play. Especially considering the loss of bees and what that could mean for food production worldwide. 

The Bee-Friendly Garden by Kate Frey and Gretchen LeBuhn is a gorgeous book that discusses all the different types of bees, habits that they prefer as well as what flowers and plants you need to create the perfect bee attracting flowers.  

This books gives you a clear understanding of bees and enough information that will enable you to make conscious choices for your own garden to support native bees. 

The book is broken up into six chapters, what I found to be most helpful was the chapter about edible gardens and what you can grow to support bees. I know there are many flowers that attract bees but my gardens main focus is food, so this chapter was perfect. 

Another component that was really appreciated was the regional plant list – I really appreciated the different options clearly laid out in a list. 

This book would be perfect for anyone wanting to add flowers and plants to their yards that support local bee populations.  

If you want to share the bee fun with your petite a here are some of our very favorite bee books. 


Bloggers Note: this book was received from Blogging for Books for an honest review. All thoughts in this post are my own. 


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