The Art of Friendship: Louise and Andie edition

If you’ve been hanging around with me here at The Petite Stag for a while now, you will know I am a huge Kelly Light Fan!  Huge, she not only creates amazing and inspiring books, but she is extremely generous, giving and kind.  Let me give you a little back story.  My daughter has epilepsy and was having a really rough time, she was having lots of seizures and struggling in school and just feeling overall really crummy.  I had posted something about it and Kelly Light happened to see it and asked if she could send a little something Zoe’s way to cheer her up.

She sent her magic in a box a year ago this week.

It happened to be one of those moments when you really see the good that is in the world, in the darkest of our days someone whom we had never met, someone on the opposite side of the country took a moment to brighten a little girls day.  So that my friends, is why we absolutely adore Kelly Light!

Louise and Andie The Art of Friendship

So I am thrilled to be taking some time to talk about her latest book; Louise and Andie The Art of Friendship (Balzer + Bray, 2016).  This book is exactly what I had hoped it would be.  In this next adventure Louise and Art are getting a new neighbor, as they watch the movers arrive Louise is so excited to meet her new pal.  With of course one hope in mind, that she too loves art!  When it is discovered that Andie does love art well it truly is the best day ever.  They have so much in common, what could possibly go wrong?

Like most relationships there needs to be strong communication and these two artists are working on that skill.  When disaster strikes it is how they recover from the problem and move forward.  I of course, cannot spoil this for you…so you will have to rush to your local bookshop or library to see what happens.

What I think is pretty fabulous is the use of primary colors, if you were familiar with Louise Loves Art then you will know that red is the prominent color and here with the addition of Andie we get blue.  I love the attention to detail and the little touches that make these books so much fun to read with petites.  I will warn you, that just like when we read Louise Loves Art, immediately following reading the petites wanted to get out paints and get to work on creating their own art.




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