The Petite Loves her Lessons

When our seven year old headed back to school in September, our three year old had quite a tough time dealing with her best friend and playmate being gone for 7 hours a day.  Something we have noticed with our second petite is that she wants to do everything her big sister does, she wants to wear her backpack to the bus stop, she wants to have a lunch packed even though she stays home with me during the day.  So we decided that because she so desperately wants to be a “big girl” we would start doing some big girl things.  So each day we’ve been doing what we are calling “lessons”.  She is obsessed with her lessons, she has a little backpack, pencil box, notebook, even her own scissors (which is a huge deal to her), so each day we spend time working on lessons.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 8.57.22 AM.png

What her lessons currently look like is talking about a letter, tracing it in her notebook, putting stickers in her notebook, drawing a picture, cutting something – usually a picture from a magazine and gluing it in her notebook.  Counting different things we find and looking for “experiments” – which is basically feathers, cool leaves, or something she has found outside.  Of course we can’t forget reading stacks and stacks of books, looking for the letter we learned about.

Recently at the library, we found some pretty fun little books all about the five senses, we’ve been spending a lot of time looking at these books, and talking about the five senses.  They have been so much fun to use during our lessons.

The Five Senses - Patrick George.png

I Hear | I Touch | I See | I Smell | I Taste

What we love about these very young readers is their size, clearly they knew their audience has little hands and decided to make these little picture books the perfect size for little hands to hold in their laps.  These little books cover the senses with bold bright colors, sometimes even see through pages which are a huge hit with my petite.  The illustrations are a little silly and it is so much fun to see the reactions to the pictures.

We also love that these books provide talking points where little ones can explore things like what’s your favorite food, what tastes do you like, what don’t you like?  These books are creative and clever and perfect for petites.  If you have a curious little petite who loves books these would be the perfect additions to your library bag.




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