Petite Patriots: Part Six

Eek today is the day!

Election Day! 

For our sixth installment of Petite Patriots, I have three books for your story-time enjoyment.  These three books are all about voting, specifically, suffragettes and Women’s Right to Vote!

Suffragette's .jpg

Created Equal: Women Campaign for the Right to Vote 1840-1920 by Ann Rossi (National Geographic Society, 2005) which is a fabulous look at what it took to gain the women’s vote.  This book is very informative and would be a perfect addition to the classroom to learn more about suffragettes and the incredible women who worked so tirelessly to gain the right to vote.  This book has amazing photos as well as historical documents, like you would expect from a National Geographic book.  What you will find in this book is 40 pages filled with everything you need to know from what was happening in the US in 1840 all the way to reaching the vote and passing the 19th amendment.  This book is geared for ages 10 and up.

Heart on Fire: Susan B. Anthony Votes for President by Ann Malaspina and illustrated by Steve James (Albert Whitman & Co., 2012) this is the story of Susan B. Anthony, who was an incredibly strong and determined woman.  If you’ve been seeing all of the posts on social media of people paying tribute to Susan B. Anthony’s grave with voting stickers you might consider adding this book to your petites shelf.  It is well written, in such a way that even young petites will be able to understand just what it took for women to get the right to vote.  Susan B. Anthony is a true hero and inspiration.  We love courageous women, just like Susan B. Anthony.  This book is perfect for first – fourth grade.

Miss Paul and the President: the Creative Campaign for Women’s Right to Vote by Dean Robbins and illustrated by Nancy Zhang (Alfred A. Knopf, 2016), is the absolutely fantastic story of Alice Paul, a suffragette, who never backed down from the cause that she believed in.  This story tells about how she created a parade that overshadowed the arrival of President Woodrow Wilson in Washington DC, her organizing protesters and even her bold meeting with President Woodrow Wilson.  It was during this meeting where she demanded the right to vote.  You have to love a woman with gumption.  Let’s also take a moment to discuss the illustrations from Nancy Zhang, they are gorgeous, they perfectly capture the mood and feelings of the movement.  This book is perfect for petites to learn about suffragettes, it is geared for preschool – third grade.

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