Petite Builders, here is a book for you.


Sam and the Construction Site by Tjibbe Veldkap & Alice Hoogstad (Lemniscaat, 2015) is a silly story about a little boy Sam who loves to watch the construction site in his neighborhood.  Like most petites he loves watching what is happening on the site and watching the big machines and what they can do.  He imagines what it might be like to drive all those big machines.

One day he is tasked with watching the site and making sure nothing bad happens during the workers lunch.  While he is watching two bigger kids come and dare him to enter the construction site.  They bully him for a bit until he enters the site, this is when the chaos ensues.  Sam gets into all sorts of trouble, and as you’re reading you’re thinking oh my goodness, Sam!  However, there is a surprise in store for you dear reader.  Sam is not mischievous as you might expect, in fact Sam is saving the day with his keen sense of how the machines work.

What we love about this book are the fun illustrations.  We also love how this book is over-sized, making it the perfect book to lay on the ground and read together.  You’re going to love all the details of the construction site.

This book would be perfect for petites who love to watch construction sites and observe how the big machines work.

Bloggers Note: A huge thank you to Lemniscaat for this amazing book, the review and opinions expressed are my own.




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