Illuminature – So unique…so special

Illuminature by Carnovksy and Rachel Williams (Wide Eyed Press, 2016) is by far one of the most unique books we’ve laid our eyes on in quite some time.  This will have you and your petites spending hours pouring over the images and discovering new animals in their natural habitats.


This book covers:

  • The Congo Rain Forest
  • The Simpson Desert
  • Lock Lomond
  • The Andes Mountains
  • Weddell and Ross Seas
  • The Redwood Forest
  • East Siberian Taiga
  • The Serengeti Plains
  • The Ganges River Basin
  • The Apo Reef
  • East Siberian Taiga

Within each habitat you will learn about the destination, which continents, number of species and the size of the habitat.


Page Without Viewing Lens


Daytime Animals




Nighttime and Twilight Animals

Once you have chosen your first destination you will learn all about what that particular part of the world has to show you, then you will go to the observation deck where you can use the special view finder to search out the flora and fauna.  Your petites will also enjoy checking out the species guide to learn more.

How this amazing book comes to life, is this magic viewing lens.  With the red lens you will see creatures that are out during the daytime – diurnal animals.  With the green lens the plants will come to life.  With the blue lens you will be able to view the nocturnal animals.

petite-stag-favoriteThis book is so much fun, I cannot express to you how fabulous and unique this book is.  I promise your petites will absolutely love spending time looking at this book.  It is beyond gorgeous and so much fun.  The only downside is deciding who will get to hold the magic view finder first.

Let me know what your petites think of this, I can’t wait to hear how much they love it.

Bloggers Note: I received this book for free from Wide Eyed Press for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.  Also thank you to Wide Eyed Press for use of the images in this post.


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