Petite Patriots: Part Five

Eek! We are only a few days away from the election, have you voted yet?  We voted last night as a family with our two petites and discussed what it means to vote, what types of things we can vote for and how even one vote can make a difference.

For today’s Petite Patriots we have three books to share with you:

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Duck for President by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin (Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2004) two powerhouses in the kid lit world.  Duck for President is the 3rd book in the Click, Clack, Moo series; this book is filled with wit and is perfect for reading aloud to petites.  This is the story of Duck who believes that he is more equipped to run the farm than Farmer Brown, so he holds an election.  Once he wins, he takes his political prowess all the way to the top.  This book is perfectly marvelous and would be so much fun to share with preschool to third graders.

petite-stag-favoriteMonster Needs Your Vote by Paul Czajak and Wendy Grieb (Mighty Media Kids, 2015) is so bold and bright it begs you to read it.  This book is not only cute it is exceptionally educational.  We found ourselves stopping at many different points to discuss the new terminology that is being used.  What we loved about this book are the ample teaching opportunities, to discuss voting age, soapboxes, oratory skills, issues, town hall meetings, debates, grassroots movement and so much more.  This book is the perfect jumping off point to discuss the election process.  To perhaps even use as part of  a mock debate.  This book is bright and cheery enough to hold small petites attention even when the content is too advanced.  The recommended age for this book is preschool to third grade, but for comprehension of all the details I would say 1st grade to fourth grade.  Teachers, be sure to check this one out there are tons of great teachable moments just waiting for you.

Vote for Me! by Ben Clanton (Kids Can Press, 2012) is spectacular, it has a Mo Willems like feel, a very clever duo and of course convey the mudslinging that is often times found in politics.  This book, offers something a little different than the others that we have shared before, it really focuses on the satire of the political process, the negative name calling that can take place.  We loved the anti-bullying, anti-arguing message that is so strong in this book.  A quick read, but one that is sure to tickle your petites.

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Petite Patriots: Part Four

For this weeks installment of Petite Patriots, we are sharing three books for you with very familiar faces.  These three books are all about running for office, whether it is president of the school or mayor.  These are great stories talking about elections and the voting processes.

Petite Patriots: Part Four.JPG

Splat the Cat for President by Rob Scotton (Harper Collins, 2016) Splat the Cat is a very familiar face, in this latest adventure Splat is running for student body president, he is the only candidate running and wins by a landslide (hilarious, right?).  As the story unfolds it is all about what Splat can do to make the school a better place, his first attempts fall flat and he is feeling pretty sad about it, but with gentle encouragement he is able to turn it around and really listen to the student body to determine what the students really want and need.  Fabulous read for preschoolers to second grade.

LaRue Letters from the Campaign Trail for Mayor by Mark Teague (Blue Sky Press, 2008) Perfect for kindergarten to third graders.  The LaRue books are fantastic, but do have a lot of words, making it difficult for petite listeners to keep focus.  But like all LaRue books the writing is witty and fun and completely engaging even for adult readers, so we highly recommend this book to learn a little more about what the campaign trail might be like.

Otto Runs for President by Rosemary Wells (Scholastic Press, 2008) is a fantastic story that is really realistic when it comes to class elections.  Many students want to be student body president, mostly the popular kids; what I like about this story is that it highlights what a good leader would do, the time they would need to put in, how they should be good listeners.  I think that this is a great story to talk about the qualities of a good leader.  Geared toward preschool to third grade.

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Petite Patriots: Part Three

As people prepare to watch the third and final debate tonight I wanted to share with you a fabulous book that we have enjoyed reading all about Hillary Rodham Clinton this week.


Hillary Rodham Clinton: Dreams Taking Flight by Kathleen Krull and Amy June Bates is a great story to share with petites about a remarkable women who has accomplished so many things.  This story starts out with a young Hillary dreaming of becoming an astronaut in 1961, a job not possible for her at the time.  This book is filled with inspiration on every page.

Take the lead role in your own life

After reading this story with my girls and a few other books about Hillary Clinton we decided that this one was our favorite, because, according to my seven year old, the story just makes you feel good and she kept going even when it was tough.

Take a risk, and dare to change the world

The book is not only a very well written story, but is also filled with facts at the end of the book so that you can read about the accomplishments, contributions and history that Hillary has made.

The illustrations have a wonderful sketchbook, retro feel about them.  They also provide fantastic talking points throughout the reading to discuss how the people in the illustrations are feeling and treating young Hillary.  This book is geared toward a kindergarten – fifth grade audience.

Petite Patriots: Part Two


We are reading lots of books in an attempt to pick the very best books for you and your petites…for this weeks installment we have decided that When Penny Met POTUS by Rachel Ruiz and illustrated by Melissa Manwill (Picture Window Books, 2016) is the perfect pick.  I feel compelled to start with saying that this book smells amazing, both my girls immediately sniffed the binding and declared this to be one fabulous smelling book.  So with that out-of-the-way here we go…

When Penny Met POTUS is the story of a little girl who gets to go to work with her mother one day.  Her mother just so happens to work at the White House, so this is a really big deal and Penny is thrilled.  She is so excited to see what POTUS looks like, what he will be like.  She has imagined that he is pretty special because he has his own team of secret service agents, his own plane, a chef to make him whatever he likes.  As the excitement builds for what POTUS will be like when Penny finally meets him, you begin to wonder yourself, since up until the end POTUS is a suit wearing horned beast.  I love that this story so brilliantly captures the imagination of a petite.  Penny envisions the tea parties they will have, to help with some important work, it is absolute perfection!

When they get to The White House Penny needs to wait while her mother completes some work before they can meet POTUS.  Like most petites, this is just too hard, patience, waiting, very tricky, right?  So Penny, tiptoes off to find POTUS on her own.  She encounters some very friendly White House staff members who haven’t seen POTUS, all the while you as readers get insights into what Penny thinks POTUS might look like, until she finally lays eyes on POTUS.

Spoiler Alert: When Penny realizes that the person she was about to talk to is POTUS, in that moment everything changes.  POTUS is a woman.  When Penny tries to wrap her mind around this, she finally says, “but you’re a human”.  So incredibly cute, I love that she says a human, because she had envisioned a beastie.  Rachel Ruiz and Melissa Manwill have created this absolutely perfect book for petites.

Shout out to my amazing library!!!  Let me just say I am so thankful that our local library gets books quickly after they are published, because the faster they get them the faster I can share them with you!

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