Petite Patriots: Part Two


We are reading lots of books in an attempt to pick the very best books for you and your petites…for this weeks installment we have decided that When Penny Met POTUS by Rachel Ruiz and illustrated by Melissa Manwill (Picture Window Books, 2016) is the perfect pick.  I feel compelled to start with saying that this book smells amazing, both my girls immediately sniffed the binding and declared this to be one fabulous smelling book.  So with that out-of-the-way here we go…

When Penny Met POTUS is the story of a little girl who gets to go to work with her mother one day.  Her mother just so happens to work at the White House, so this is a really big deal and Penny is thrilled.  She is so excited to see what POTUS looks like, what he will be like.  She has imagined that he is pretty special because he has his own team of secret service agents, his own plane, a chef to make him whatever he likes.  As the excitement builds for what POTUS will be like when Penny finally meets him, you begin to wonder yourself, since up until the end POTUS is a suit wearing horned beast.  I love that this story so brilliantly captures the imagination of a petite.  Penny envisions the tea parties they will have, to help with some important work, it is absolute perfection!

When they get to The White House Penny needs to wait while her mother completes some work before they can meet POTUS.  Like most petites, this is just too hard, patience, waiting, very tricky, right?  So Penny, tiptoes off to find POTUS on her own.  She encounters some very friendly White House staff members who haven’t seen POTUS, all the while you as readers get insights into what Penny thinks POTUS might look like, until she finally lays eyes on POTUS.

Spoiler Alert: When Penny realizes that the person she was about to talk to is POTUS, in that moment everything changes.  POTUS is a woman.  When Penny tries to wrap her mind around this, she finally says, “but you’re a human”.  So incredibly cute, I love that she says a human, because she had envisioned a beastie.  Rachel Ruiz and Melissa Manwill have created this absolutely perfect book for petites.

Shout out to my amazing library!!!  Let me just say I am so thankful that our local library gets books quickly after they are published, because the faster they get them the faster I can share them with you!

Don’t forget to check out Petite Patriots: Part One:



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