It’s Children’s Book Week – Tilly and Friends Books

This week is Children’s Book Week, how exciting is that?  Recently I’ve spent quite a bit of time writing about the books that my petite is loving these days.  I have a not so secret desire to open a children’s book store.  When I told my fabulous husband I was adding owning a children’s book store to my ten-year plan, he said “great, what do you know about running a business”, to which I responded “oh, absolutely nothing, but I do love children’s books”.

So…with all that said, this love affair with books is genetic, I am convinced that this is true.  One of the very first things we put into my petites nursery was a bookcase and then we lovingly stocked it full of books.  We all know reading is so important and critical to brain development and to school success.  So this week I am going to highlight some of our all time favorite stories.  I link the books to Amazon so that you can read more about the books, but I think it is also important to check out those independent book sellers in your town too.

Doodle The first story that we love to pieces is Doodle Bites, but Polly Dunbar.  This book was a gift from a family friend and our little one just loved it.  She loved it so much that she was able to memorize the words when she was about 2 years old and her little squeaky voice saying things like “Doodle woke up feeling bitey!” “Ouch that’s my tail!”  Too cute.  It also came in handy when she was at daycare and one of her friends bit her, we read the story a lot more and talked about why it’s not a good idea to chomp on your friends.

The fun thing about these books, is that they all have a really sweet message or moral and that they are hardback so they are able to handle lots of reading by tiny hands.  This is also a series called Tilly and Friends.  There are a few: Hello Tilly, Happy Hector, Good Night Tiptoe, Pretty Pru, Where’s Tumpty. Pretty Pru is also a Petite Stag favorite, because she wears lipstick.  I am partial to Hello Tilly, because she’s just so darn cute.

Tilly and Friends

Have any of you seen the new lift the flap books that Polly Dunbar published?  They looks so cute, but we’ve not have a chance to check them out yet.

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