Just How Big Can a Petite Dream?

My Name Is Not Isabella: Just How Big Can a Little Girl Dream? and My Name Is Not Alexander are two books that I ordered for my daughter from scholastic last year.


Okay, back to the two books that my petite is loving at the moment by Jennifer Fosberry.    What is so cool about these books is that they are about strong, smart, brave, daring people and Isabella and Alexander embody these characteristics of the famous people who are highlighted throughout the story.  My petite loves to know more about the real life people they are talking about and in the back of the book there is a little biography about the women and men discussed.   Another terribly cute aspect is that at the end of the story Isabella and Alexander are not themselves, but Mommy and Daddy.  I find this to be so incredibly nice that a child can look up to their parents as a hero and want to be like them.  I love books that inspire petites to dream about all the possibilities that are out there for them.  These books do just that.  Not to mention that Mike Litwin does a fabulous job with the illustrations.

Sally Ride - My Name is not Isabella


Isabella Girl on the GoI’ve also seen these two but have yet to add them to the petites shelves. Isabella Star of the Story

Isabella: Girl on the Go
In looking through these I am again in love.  Isabella is off on a magical journey around the world, she travels through her yard in her sandbox to the pyramids of Giza and on and on.  It gives a sense of adventure for any petite who likes to dream of far off places.
Isabella: Star of the Story is so incredibly cute.  Isabella starts her day out at the library and then she travels into the world of the story books that she is reading.  What is not to love about that?  So cute!  Again the illustrations are just adorable.

These books are just fantastic reads and so much fun to look at new vocabulary that go with the people they are discussing; my four-year old is now gliding around the kitchen and trying to whirl her little sister around like Fred Astaire.  I think I am going to have to go and get Girl on the Go and Star of the Story to add to our shelves.
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