Day Dreaming of Adventure on a Friday Afternoon

Adventure Awaits

As a stay at home mom there are moments where I think about the time before I was a mom.  Before I had obligations, before there were schedules to be kept, meals to be planned, laundry to be done, petites to be fed.  I sometimes, in my more pessimistic moods, think about how when I was in college I didn’t study abroad.  Now, one of my biggest regrets.  I had lots of friends who chose to do this, one dear friend who studied in Lyon, France and on the weekends went to amazing places all over Europe.  I think about my friend and the places she went and the experiences she had, pictures she must have taken.  Now, I see friends on Facebook who live in Europe and just love looking at their amazing pictures of all of the fabulous places they go to.  One thing that I know for sure is that when my daughters come home from college talking about studying abroad I am going to do all that I can to encourage them to take risks, to seek adventure and have an amazing time.  Also, to expect Mom and Dad to visit often.

But for now, as a stay at home mom, I am daydreaming on a Friday afternoon of the next great adventure.  Most likely our next trip will be to Disneyland, although super fun and an adventure in of itself, I am talking trip of a lifetime, more bucket list than mouse ears.

When my husband and I take long car trips we always talk about the places we are dying to go.  Our top five.  Most of the time the places overlap.  The places that are always the same, Ireland – we both will always hold a special place in our hearts.  Spain for my Hubby and the more I see for me too.  France and Italy for me.  But sometimes we have random new places, like Morocco or South Africa.  It just depends on the mood.  We also love the south, we lived in South Carolina for a short time and would love to go back.

For tonight the top five places I want to go right now:

  1. Scotland
  2. The South – South Carolina and Georgia
  3. Spain
  4. Italy
  5. Ireland…always and forever

Okay, now the fun part, I want your opinion, tell me where I should visit next or at least really spend a lot of time dreaming about.  Or if you have a different option I

I so wish I could promise that whatever gets the most votes is where we will go, but with two petites running around, we don’t have that kind of flexibility, but wouldn’t that be amazing!

Happy Weekend.



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