Illustrator Love: Molly Idle

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

It’s the time of year when you are thinking you need to find a perfect gift for a petite.  Flora and the Flamingo and Flora and the Penguin are stunning books.  Flora and the Flamingo is a Caldecott Honor Book, this wordless book with interactive flaps begs to have a charming inscription written within the cover.  Books that years from now a petite will pull off the shelf and look at with fondness, books that inspire creativity and imagination, books that will make you want to open a box of colored pencils and start to draw.  I love these books.  This year these books will be under my Christmas tree, one for each petite.

I wrote about Tea Rex a few months ago, this book is lovely.  I have given this book as a gift to one of my favorite petites along with a tea set…the illustrations in this book are lovely.  If camping is more of your petites thing then you are in luck, because not only does Tea Rex love tea, but camping as too! Camp Rex, is a dinosaur with a love of the great outdoors.  I’m so excited to say that another addition, Sea Rex comes out in May of 2015, but if it’s anything like the other two, then I am sure it will delight even the youngest of readers.

If you’re looking for a great gift to give the petites in your life check out these books, they are simply gorgeous.  Molly Idle is an amazing illustrator I am sure you will love her books as much as my petites and I do.

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