Weather so cold and frightful, here’s a story that’s delightful!

My petites and I found, Little Red Hot by Eric A. Kimmel at the library this fall and we loved it the very first time we read it.  It became a bedtime favorite.  If you haven’t seen this book yet, you really must check out this feisty little gal.

Little Red Hot

Little Red Hot is a variation of Little Red Riding Hood, it is so incredibly fantastic.  We were all cheering and hollering for Little Red Hot throughout the story.  The illustrations by Laura Huliska-Beith are wonderful.  She does such an amazing job of showing this feisty little gal and how she outsmarts Senor Lobo.

Eric Kimmel has a series of books that are Southwest themed retellings of classics: Jack and the Giant Barbecue (Jack and the Beanstalk), The Three Little Tamales (Three Little Pigs)  and The Runaway Tortilla (Gingerbread Man).  I will say that Little Red Hot is by far our favorite.

My daughter loves this story she loves that Little Red hot loves her grandma so much that she makes her a pie.  One of her favorite parts is where Little Red Hot is going through the types of peppers she puts into her pie.

My petite loves how smart Little Red Hot is and how she outsmarts Senor Lobo.  Throughout her first reading of the story she was so engaged she kept yelling watch out Little Red, it’s not your grandma, its Senor Lobo!

During this part of the story she traced her finger over the path that Senor Lobo takes and talked about how sneaky he was to take a short cut.  It was amazing to watch her get so excited about this story and to be so engaged with the text without me prompting her with questions or predictions about what was to come.

This would be a fun read for many different audiences, little petites because of the bright colors. Petites in the early grades will love this engaging story about feisty Little Red Hot.  I could even see this as something to read to middle and high schoolers who are working on creating writing assignments where they need to re-write a classic tale.  This book would also be fantastic to discuss cause and effect as well as predicting.

This is a great story with fantastic illustrations to go along with it.  I am sure your petites will enjoy this delightful story.  I would love to hear how they respond to it in the comments below.


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