Awesome Alphabet Books for Petites

There are so many books out there about the alphabet…so many.  When I think of all of the board books and picture books that we have, I am guessing we own probably 15 to 20 books.  However, some of these alphabet books are stand out books that go above and beyond and are a pure delight to read.

My husband picked up this amazing book, Have You Ever Seen a Smack of Jellyfish? that is a true treasure in our house.  For the petite who loves interesting facts about animals I bet this alphabet book would be an absolute wonder.

Have You Ever Seen a Smack of JellyfishSarah Asper-Smith has created and illustrated such a fantastic first book.  This book has been around since 2010, and needs to be added to your petites bookshelf or library queue immediately.  These are the prints of the book and as you can see your petites will learn all of the fabulous names for groups of animals you may even learn some knew ones too…I know I sure did.  What I really love most about this is that the illustrations do not distract from the playful words which are what is so entertaining and educational about this book.

Art Prints


Recently we picked up Work: An Occupational ABC  at our library, this is another first book.  This book was just published in August and is so incredibly unique.  Kellen Hatanaka has chosen out of the ordinary occupations to showcase in this awesome alphabet book; some of our favorite are: butcher, explorer, grocer, horticulturalist, K-9 officer, oceanographer, and skateboarder just to name a few.



The illustrations are done in a minimalistic style.  What I love best is that the men and women in the illustrations do not conform to gender roles, we have female K-9 officers, Naval Architects and Oceanographers which I think is great.  The illustrations are delightful and humorous, my petites especially like the butcher with the raccoons stealing the sausage.

We chose these books because the illustrations are stunning, not traditional alphabets, with fun and engaging words that are new my girls.  With so many options for alphabet books I wanted to share two of our favorites.



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