Petite Historians: John, Paul, George & Ben

My husband loves history and reading all about it.  One of the very first things we bought for our daughter (years before she was born, actually) was an Abraham Lincoln stuffed doll at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.  One of her favorite stuffies was Lincoln, she took him to preschool for show and tell.  It was pretty cute.


We’ve come across some really great history picture books for petites over the past few years.  Here is just one of my favorites.

John, Paul, George & Ben

I love this book, it is really funny and my five year old is just really starting to get into it and the funny parts.  It is a fun read because Lane Smith wrote about the Presidents and John Hancock in such a relatable way.

I really like that this story tells you fun little tidbits.

I am so partial to our Lincoln doll that I strongly believe no petite historians’ nursery would be complete without one of these dapper fellows from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild.

Stay tuned for future installments of Petite Historians.

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