A Girl with Gumption: Julia’s House for Lost Creatures

Source: Macmillan

Source: Macmillan

Name Your LinkIn Ben Hatke’s lovely story Julia’s House for Lost Creatures you will quickly fall in love with the protagonist.  Julia is a little gal with gumption.  The petites and I love this book.  The magic starts even before the story begins with the amazing illustrations – Julia’s house resides upon a giant tortoise!  The petites screamed with delight, the adventure continues just as you would expect.  Julia is delightful, she has a lovely house with a fire and toast and tea, but alas her house is too quiet.  Although I have to say I think her house is delightful, I love that she is sitting reading by the fire with a cup of tea, Julia is my kind of girl.

She gets to work making an inviting sign for Lost Creatures and low and behold the most amazing bunch show up; dragon, mermaids, goblins, ghosts and trolls are just a few.

These lost creatures are not very good at cleaning up, as my petite pointed out during the story.  Julia then goes to work again making a chore chart for her new guests.

The story is completely delightful, the illustrations are divine.  I love that she opens her home to lost creatures and has this sweet nature about her.  I also love that she helps the creatures to be responsible and creates a chore chart – this was a huge hit with my petite, she asked if she could have a chore chart too…thank you Ben Hatke, thank you very much.

I adore Julia, her strong will and gumption.  Those amazing red curls.  Everything about this book is visually pleasing, it is a book that has to be read numerous times to see all of the little details, a book you want to read to discover said details with your petites.  I can’t wait to see what Mr. Hatke comes up with next.


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