Illustrator Love: Naoko Stoop & Red Knit Cap Girl


This is book, Red Knit Cap Girl and the Reading Tree, is simply lovely.  It literally jumped off the shelves at us, okay, it didn’t quite jump, but look at the stunning cover art, the book draws you in!  This book is darling, but it’s greatness doesn’t end there.  This is a book all about the love of reading and sharing that love with others.

Red Knit Cap Girl and her woodland friends follow squirrel as he shows them an amazing place that he has discovered – a hollowed out tree.  The animals all work together to fill the nook with books.  Even animals who don’t have books contribute something amazing to this project; beaver makes a shelf, the sheep bring blankets to snuggle with to make the nook even cozier.

This is a fabulous story about books, reading and the love of libraries for all.  This book is lovely and demonstrates how wonderful a community library can be; it made me think of all of the Little Free Libraries that are around my town.  I love this story and am sure you will too.

Other titles from Naoko Stoop:

Red KNit Cap To the Rescue

Etsy shop

Check out Naoko Stoop’s Etsy Shop – if you are looking for lovely prints to brighten the walls of your petites room you will find a huge selection of gorgeous prints.  They are charming and feature Red Knit Cap Girl being adorable and many of them show her reading – I’m gushing at the cuteness.


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